Friday, 26 February 2010

Football in the Meadows

So, it's March. It's spring (to some), and with spring comes outdoor activities (and flowers popping up in the Meadows).

Therefore we are going to have a good game of Football in the Meadows! (That's the S-word kind of Football for the Americans)
And this is regardless of weather! So bring out your old shoes, put on some rough clothing, and get ready for a great match!

The footballing will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of March from 2pm to approximately 4pm (or untill it gets dark).

Meet up is in the meadows closest to the ISC (that is through the gate just round the corner from the ISC).

See you there!!!

Argentinian Night

On Monday the 8th of March at 8pm come to the ISC and discover what that long long country called Argentina has to offer.

Our Argentinian hostess Angeles will treat you to some traditional empanadas (stuffed pastry) and sweet alfajores con dulce de leche, and drink Argentinian mate instead of British tea.

Then, you'll have the chance to watch some LIVE tango dancers and maybe even learn some basic moves!

In between there'll be Argentinian music, facts and pictures to learn a bit more about that country on the other side of the ocean.

Hope to see you there!

25 tickets at £3 go on sale Monday the 1st of March at 12pm.

Even More Comedy!

Yes, it's true! Even more Comedy will be shown at the ISC.

Thursday the 4th of March at 6.30pm (again after the Coffee Evening) we are moving to a slightly different genre - Series!

We will show two episodes of two different series - The classic "Blackadder", and the newer "The Mighty Boosh".

Blackadder is in effect four different series, each in their own time of history, but at the center of all is Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) and his opportunistic, though cowardly, attempts at personal gain. By now a classic in British comedy, and amongst much other voted second best British sitcom ever.


Secondly we have "The Mighty Boosh", originally a stage act, but by now perhaps most known as a TV-series. The Mighty Boosh is the surreal experiences of Howard Moon (Julien Barratt) and Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and many many others (such as the ape Bollo).

More info:

Hope to see you there!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Comedy Galore!

Remember the extra treats you were promised on the events poster?

Well, here is one :-)

Come down to the ISC Thursday the 25th of February at 6.30 (the lounge will be kept open after the coffee evening) and watch some comedy!

More specifically, have you ever wondered what the Brits humour is? Where it comes from?

As a first of three evenings of British comedy you'll be introduced to those that (I daresay) created the modern comedy: Monty Python!

The other two evenings will take you closer to the modern day, but that is for later.

Now is the time for the Python's. We will show "Life of Brian", a classic involving such lovely things as Jesus (with a Scottish accent), Brian, crucifixions, the Peoples Front of Judea (not to be confused with the Judean Peoples front), the gravely misunderstood Biggus Dickus and the at all-times important message "Always look on the bright side of life".

We hope you'll join us for this FREE event, just be there, BYOB and eat eat eat our snacks!

See you there!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Canada Night

Come to Canada Night, eh?*

Want to learn more about the country hosting this year's winter Olympics? Then come along to Canada Night on Monday, February 22nd at the ISC from 8pm and on!  There will be food, some fun facts, and a chance to see some of the coverage of the night's Olympic events.

Don't be a hoser! Get your ticket for Canada Night!

25 tickets go on sale Monday 15th of February, £3 each.

*No moose were harmed in the making of this advert.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

This week in Bannermans!

This week at Bannermans, we've got some fun & funky indie tunage on Wednesday from Moya, along with touring band Major Major and local psychedilic boys Edmund Lunar.
Thursday's all about the loud and heavy sh*t, with Dragnet bringing the grunge, and Battle A dinosaur n' The Devilz Rejectz keeping it loud and fast.
friday, well, friday's a winner; Like AC/DC? We've got Bon's Balls! Without a doubt the best trbiute act in the country, and with local support coming from Edinburgh rockers The Black Lights, this one's sure to put a smile on your face.
Saturday's all about the getting down, with Edinburgh's own KISS/Prodigy bastard offspring MetalTech, along with Bomb Berlin, Beats Of Rage and Lycanthrope all bringing the riffs, screaming vocals and tight jeans.
Valentine's day? Come on down from 9pm and get Cranachan to belt out your favourite ballad for some (probable) brownie points.

As always, we've got INTERNATIONAL NIGHT with Karaoke on Tuesdays from 10pm, and you can choose a veritable feast of drinks from as little as £2.00 every night of the week!! Hopefully see you all there!!

Friday, 5 February 2010

11 Weekend Trip Tickets Left

We still have tickets left for our upcoming weekend trip to Loch Lomond and beyond [27/02-28/02] - Wonderful itinerary, professional tour guides, classy Mercedes coaches, an overnight stay in a country house right on the shores of Loch Lomond, ceilidh with a live ceilidh band, unforgettable memories and much more for only £70!
Get your tickets from the ISC Lounge on Tuesday [09/02] @ 5.30pm!

For all the necessary details [itinerary, etc.] please click here!

Rafting @ Tay [14/03]

Conquer Perthshire's wild Tay River and celebrate the end of term in style!

We have teamed up with Scotland's best rafting provider in order to inject some adrenaline into your bloodstream - do not forget to pack your towel & a big smile...

46 tickets go on sale on Wednesday [10/02 @ 5-7pm] at the ISC Lounge and cost £45 - we have to pay a month before the actual trip due to high demand for rafting in March...

Click here for more information.

Lindisfarne Trip [13/02]

Join the ISC Saturday Trip to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne [13/02].
We will be visiting this tidal island with outstanding natural beauty , castle and monastery. Enjoy a crab sandwich (local specialty) and see the place where the Vikings first invaded England in 793!

The road to this island is flooded by the tide twice a day, so it is essential you make it to the bus on the specified time if you do not want to spend the night on the island...

Please remember to bring warm clothes and an umbrella as we will be outside most of the day :)

68 tickets [£8 per person] go on sale Monday [08/02] @ 5-7pm.

For more info on Lindisfarne click here [Wikipedia] or here [official website].

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Chinese New Year!

Come make dumplings, play games and enjoy yourself at the ISC Chinese New Year.

On Monday the 15th of February at 8pm the ISC will host a Chinese New Year celebration. Why New Year in February you might ask. Well, the Chinese have a different calendar, The Chinese Lunar Calendar, and this year it falls on the 14th of February. So better late than never!

Our lovely Chinses hostess Shi will teach you all how to make dumplings!

Then it is time to sit around, play games and enjoy Chinese music.

Just before eleven it is time to for fireworks! And to finish the night of, have the tasty dumplings :-)

50 tickets go on sale on Monday the 8th of February 12.30pm at a price of £3 each. You are welcome to BYOB, and please eat from home.

Events Schedule

The ISC Events Schedule is here!

This is what will happen during this semester:

8. Feb: Pakistani Night - Done

15. Feb: Chinese New Year - Done

22. Feb: Canadian Night

25. Feb: Comedy Galore!

1. March: Football in the Meadows

8. March: Argentinian Night

15. March: Games Night

22. March: Swedish Night

Plus a few special surprises.

Further details about each event will be announced prior to the event on FB, Blog and in the newsletter.

Please Note that the Literary Pubcrawl announced earlier has been postponed due to unforeseen events.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

21 Weekend Trip Tickets Left

We still have tickets left for our upcoming weekend trip to Loch Lomond and beyond [27/02-28/02] - they cost £70 and you can get them from the ISC Lounge tomorrow [04/02] @ 6.30pm!

For all the necessary details [itinerary, etc.] please click here!

Monday, 1 February 2010

This week in Bannermans!!

On top of the usual Tuesday International Pub night (don't miss THE place to meet up with other international people in Edinburg), this week we've got an killer start to the month, so forget all about the January woe's and come and rock out -

Monday - cool, dirty & melodic rock from local boys Nixa & Wildtype

Wednesday -No nonsense Punk Fucking Rock from American hardcore heroes Static Thought, plus support from local punkers Gutshot, The Terrors & Facehandle

Thursday - Manatuska bring you your weekly dose of fists in the air heavy metal riffery

Friday - Tonight sees a righteous bill of Scottish hardcore punk from Shields Up, Departures, Uncalm & Defence - fast, heavy, and fun as hell.

Saturday - Local legends/metalheads/stoners The Tyrant Lizard Kings play their last ever gig; a fond farewel to a near decade of riff heavy stoner-pop, this one's gonna be legendary!

Monday - Thursday you can enjoy any of our house spirits with a mixer for only £2, get yourself a bottle of quality cold beer for £2 any day of the week, and line up the Jagerbombs for £2.25 every night!"