Friday, 12 March 2010

Games Night

Come along to the ISC Monday the 15th of March from 8pm onwards and play games!

We have three new games for you all to enjoy:

Risk: Classic Edition
In Risk, you're in it to conquer the world! Capture territories, dominate continents and conquer the world! A classic strategic board game.

Bang! The Bullet
Sheriff, Outlaw or Renegade? The Outlaws must kill the Sheriff, the Sheriff the Outlaws and the Renegades... and the Renegades need to escape the mayhem intact! A fun-filled Wild West card-game, who'll come out on top?

Jungle Speed
In Jungle Speed it's survival of the quickest: who's got the fastest brain and the quickest reflexes. It's tense, it's manic and it's a bucketful of laughs. Match and snatch to get rid of your cards, but be careful, all is not as it first appears in the jungle!

Of course you're not limited to just those three games... play Trivial Pursuit, Articulateor any other of the ISC's games!

See you there!

Swedish Night

At the ISC - Monday the 22 of March 8pm we will finish this semester's nationality nights of with Sweden!

Visit the land of Ikea, where you will be served Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes with lingonberry jam and cream sauce.

A Swedish quiz and a Swedish movie are also on the schedule.

The movie which will be shown is "Tillsammans" and though it is from 2000 it is somewhat of a classic ( +

Of course we will also provide you with a little bit of typical Swedish liquor!

Hope to see you all there!

25 tickets go on sale Monday the 15th of March, £3 each.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Literary Pubcrawl

Yes! It's back, now we got a date and a plan!

The Literary Pubcrawl of the UNESCO City of Literature which is Edinburgh will be on Tuesday the 23rd of March at 7.30pm. That is, it will be in perfect time to go to Bannermans straight after and finish of the night! (Or stay where the tour ends).

The tour takes approximately 2 hours, and will be done by the professional Edinburgh Literary Tours!

At £7 it is a real bargain (however do be aware that you will have to buy your own drinks)! And we will make sure that groups will not consist of too many people, so there should always be space for you :-)

Tickets will go on sale Monday 8th of March at 5-7pm (that is the same time as the Hiking sale), and will continue to sell (if not sold out Monday) all through the week at the ISC.

Here is what the guides themselves say:

Come along and wet your whistle on a guided walking tour around Edinburgh’s literary pubs via the sites and haunts of Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J.M. Barrie, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and others. Visit the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes and Long John Silver. Explore the lost world of literary Edinburgh, with a glass in your hand and a song in your heart, on a night to remember!

The Edinburgh Book Lovers' Tour & Literary Pub Crawl are led by Allan Foster, author of 'The Literary Traveller In Edinburgh' & 'The Literary Traveller In Scotland'.

"Edinburgh in the pissing rain is not an ideal place for a literary pub crawl. As sun-kissed Spanish girls chattering obliviously past in pristine Barbours, we wend our sodden way from clammy church to snug saloon, down alleys running like streams. But Edinburgh's literary past is so rich, and the story so well told, that nobody seemed to mind the weather. From John Gray's church to the medical school that conspired with Burke and Hare, a lot of history is packed into two hours. The pub stops might seem superfluous, but the chance to visit Stevenson's dodgy local without getting a kicking is worth any tourist's money." **** Three Weeks

Ultimate in the Meadows

Following this week's success with Football (which might also return) in the Meadows, we are going to have a good game of Ultimate Frisbee next week!

So come along Friday 12th of March at 3pm and play Ultimate!

We will meet at the same spot in the meadows as this week, that is round the corner from the ISC, through the gate and straight ahead!

After the game (which will probably end around 5pm) we'll go to Teviot for a postgame pint and talk (plus moaning about any injuries or bad form).
See you there!

Quirky Comedy Night

Come and see Part 3 of our British Comedy nights on Thursday 11th March, after the coffee evening at 6.30 pm. It introduces two rather quirky, culty comedy series: ‘The Thick of It’ and ‘Peep Show’. This is what the British Comedy Guide has to say about them:

Peep Show
“A sitcom about Mark and Jeremy (Jez), two socially dysfunctional men. Despite having nothing in common they share a South London flat.

Wannabe 'musician' Jeremy is a lazy man with big ideas, mostly about himself. Meanwhile Mark is an astonishingly tragic obsessive loser with a no-pain, no-gain view of the world.

Their deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings are revealed as they try to find their place in the modern world and endeavour to find love and fulfilment.“

The Thick of It

“Caustic comedy, set in the corridors of power. This satirical sitcom focuses on the civil servants, the PR team and ministers who work for the (fictional) Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship.

Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) is the Prime Minister's Director of Communications. He uses bullying, intimidation and lots of swearing to try and keep The Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship in the press for the right reasons, but out of the press whenever there is something that needs covering up.”

Two half hour episodes of each series will be shown. Both series, but especially The Thick of It, contain plenty of swearing. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! As always, BYOB.

Monday, 1 March 2010

The coming week in Bannermans!!

Party from last weekends trip

Monday - A serious ass kicking assualt of thrash metal from fife guitar shredding hero's Dog As A Devil, as well as face melting contenders Siphon Plane & Man Made Origin
Tuesday - As reliable as Big Ben, Stan The Man and his karaoke machine do their best to get you all embarrased from 10pm.
Wednesday - Melodic alt. rock from Starseed, Firetone, 50cal. Smile & Slow motion Replay. For fans of Kings Of Leon et al.
Thursday - We've got a pop punk overload from The Alchonauts, Burnout 27 & The Plimptons.
Friday - Start your weekend with some swaggering, party-starting indie shenanigans fromThe Steals, The Albion & Rolled Up 20's.
Saturday - We're proud to give you the first ever gig from Town Called Hell (made up of members from Edinburgh rock legends Man Of The Hour and Flat Iron!), with support from Hitcher and Dig Tired
Drinks From £2 all day, every day
Relentless JagerBombs £2.25 every day
Free Pool for students 12-6 Every Day
Video Jukebox
20% off food for students 12-6 every day