Friday, 19 February 2010

Comedy Galore!

Remember the extra treats you were promised on the events poster?

Well, here is one :-)

Come down to the ISC Thursday the 25th of February at 6.30 (the lounge will be kept open after the coffee evening) and watch some comedy!

More specifically, have you ever wondered what the Brits humour is? Where it comes from?

As a first of three evenings of British comedy you'll be introduced to those that (I daresay) created the modern comedy: Monty Python!

The other two evenings will take you closer to the modern day, but that is for later.

Now is the time for the Python's. We will show "Life of Brian", a classic involving such lovely things as Jesus (with a Scottish accent), Brian, crucifixions, the Peoples Front of Judea (not to be confused with the Judean Peoples front), the gravely misunderstood Biggus Dickus and the at all-times important message "Always look on the bright side of life".

We hope you'll join us for this FREE event, just be there, BYOB and eat eat eat our snacks!

See you there!

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