Monday, 31 January 2011


The International Student Centre will be hosting our first FILM NIGHT of the semester on Monday next week! As all film nights are free, we will NOT be holding any ticket sales on Wednesday, 26th Jan.

Join us on Monday, 31st Jan, as we showcase the Malaysian movie, Sepet (Chinese Eye). It's been listed as one of the top ten Asian movies to watch and is a romantic comedy about the love between a Chinese boy and a Malaysian girl and how they cope with their inter-racial relationship.

The movie delves deeper into the issue of Chinese immigrants and their struggle in redefining themselves in a new country, ultimately being defeated by the cultural and socio-political confinement of Malaysia which limits their identity.

A definite recommendation for the romantics and for those who are looking for an inside view to a difficult Malaysian theme through a love story!

This is a FREE event and snacks and drinks will be provided on the night!
Hope to see you there!

ISC Events Com


The International Student Centre (ISC) and EUSA Global present
★ INTERNATIONAL EVENING 2011 ★ - The biggest celebration of diversity at the University of Edinburgh!

On Friday, 11th of February, the university will witness, for the first time, the coming together of numerous nationalities as they bring along snapshots of their culture, tradition and food.

An evening featuring performances by popular university societies such as Tango, Kendo, Modern Dance, Salsa, BarberSoc, EU Bhangra Crew and more.

Also, there will be cultural stalls presenting traditional delectables for you to devour by cultural societies such as Chinese Students Association, EUThai Soc, German Soc, Spanish Soc, Kazakhstan Soc, Singapore Students' Society and many, many more.

Our university and its student body is a melting pot of cultures and this night promises to display the best of talent, food and tradition from the many nationalities as never seen before!

So, leave that gap in your calendar in order to be a part of the university's largest celebration of diversity!


Tickets (£3) for this event will go on sale on Wednesday 02/02/11, from 6 to 7 pm in the ISC lounge.

What is the link between the following items: Delicious chocolate, chunky cheese, expensive watches and maybe a confidential bank account? Yes, you guessed it! Swiss night is here with plenty to offer from the home of Emmental.

As per usual, we will have dishes (mostly desserts) from Switzerland including a cheese fondue, Appenzeller Biberli (first image), Engadiner Nusstorte and Schoggichueche (second image). You may not know how to pronounce these, but we can guarantee your taste buds will be thrilled to make their acquaintance! Along with the splendid food, we will have a cultural quiz about Switzerland followed by either one of these films: Achtung Fertig Charlie or Vitus.
Come on down to the ISC on Monday 7th February 2011 at 8pm for a night of cheese and chocolate!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Tickets will be on sale Mon Jan 31st at 6 pm at the ISC. The price is £8 per ticket.

Come and explore Dundee’s cultural, shopping and historical sights! A lovely city to merely wander around, it has something to offer to everyone.

If you’re interested in museums and cultural history come and check out these great places:
HMS Unicorn – an old war ship (10+ group discount)
HSS Discovery – a large war sailing ship, which you can climb aboard and explore (10+ group discount)
The McManus Art Gallery and Museum, which includes a large exhibition on Dundee itself, a large animal room and some lovely art galleries. (free)
Sensation Science Centre – a great place to explore the world of science in a child friendly zone

All the centres that have a 10+ group discount you can arrange to visit between yourselves. Form groups of ten upon arrival and plan to meet up and enter to receive the discount!

For those more outdoorsy types there’s Broughty Ferry where there is a free castle and park on the ocean. There are buses that go directly from the city centre all day. There is also Dundee Law, a 174 m hill that overlooks the city and provides a lovely viewpoint and walk.

Dundee is also blessed with at least two massive shopping centres, which boast many stores and tasty treats. Well worth a look around, even just for the warmth!

We will take coach buses up, which saves you having to pay the £15-£20 train fare and then have the day to walk around and enjoy lovely food, sights and shopping.

For a mere £8 you can’t go wrong!

Please also note that though you can buy up to two tickets per person, when we are handing out the "provisional" tickets, please make sure you ask for two provisional tickets as well, as otherwise we will only let you buy one when signing-up and paying for the real ticket.

Watch this space for details on departure times and such!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ISC Film Night 31/01/11

We shall be showcasing our first FILM NIGHT of the semester on Monday next week (31/01/11 from 20:00-23:00)! As all film nights are free, we will NOT be holding any ticket sales on Wednesday, 26th Jan.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Tickets for this event will go on sale on Monday 24th at the ISC (22b Buccleuch street) at 18.00, at £13.00 each. 98 tickets will be sold.

Scotland, aside from being the homeland of golf, is known for being the birthplace of whisky. Follow the ISC on Saturday 29rd October at 8.00 a.m. on our trip to Aberfeldy, a small town hidden away in the Scottish highlands, where we plan to visit a whisky distillery owned by Dewar.

Dewar whisky is a guaranteed superb quality highland whisky, and the distillery has just begun the whisky making process for this year. The visit will include entry to a museum about the history of Dewar’s whisky, as well as a walking tour of the distillery itself. At the end of the tour, a free whisky sampling will give your taste buds a flavour of highland Scotch.

Following the tour of the distillery, you may choose to stroll around the picturesque town of Aberfeldy, barely 5 minutes away from the distillery on foot. On the other hand, you can spend the rest of the afternoon at the distillery café.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Hi everyone again,

I'm sorry this is a little bit short notice, but we just received some really good news from the bus company - we can have one more bus, so in total we can sell 115 more tickets! yes that's right, 115 more :)

so, if you are on the waiting list, make sure you come to the ISC at 7pm to collect your ticket, alternatively send a friend,
but this also means we have about 45 more unreserved tickets available now!

sorry to be spamming you about this, and thanks for your patience!

so, for a quick recap:
115 tickets will go on sale tonight for £8 at 7pm in the ISC lounge.
if you're on the waiting list, please bring some sort of ID (preferentially student ID) so we can double check it's actually you!

for any queries, please don't reply to this message but post on the wall of the event instead.

Thank you!


Hi everyone,

We're very happy to be able to announce a second ticket sale!
...the definate number of extra tickets still needs to be confirmed, but 45 more tickets will be sold for sure!
Please note if you are one of those on the waiting list, you will be given preference but remember to bring your student ID so we can double check it's actually you.

The ticket sale will be held at the ISC tomorrow, wednesday 19.01.2011 at 7pm in the ISC lounge.
ticket price is (still) £8 and if you can bring the exact change, that would be great.

In case you are not on the waiting list, feel free to come and see if anyone does not show up who is on the waiting list, so you can get a ticket.

in case you can't make it yourself, give your student ID to a friend who can come and pick the ticket up for you, but hopefully 7pm should be a time that most people are out of class.

if you have any queries, please don't reply to this message but post on the facebook event.

Thank you!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Tickets for this event will be on sale in the ISC lounge on the 19th Jan., at 6pm.

Join us on Monday the 24th January at 8 pm, at the ISC for an evening of culture (most important for students: food!). Yes, that's right... Bulgarian night! Come on down for a taste of Bulgarian food and a dip of knowledge about Bulgarian language and culture. We will wrap up the evening with newly released comedy 'MISSION LONDON'.

Summary of the film from IMDb: "A concert to celebrate Bulgaria joining the EU is being planned at the Embassy in London and it is the job of VARADIN, the new ambassador, to ensure the Queen attends. But with corrupt staff, criminal gangs operating out of the kitchen, falling in love with a stripper and a little misunderstanding with a PR firm that provides look-alike royalties - his simple task turns into a chaotic nightmare."

Saturday, 15 January 2011

ISC ST. ANDREWS TRIP! 22/01/2010

Date: 22.01.2010

Departure: 9:00am

Join the ISC on our trip to St Andrews, the home of Golf and the oldest University of Scotland, famously attended by Prince William!

Take the opportunity to visit the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, founded in 1754, which still has legislative authority over this game worldwide,

Stroll along the coastline at the North Sea and explore the ruins of the Cathedral built in the XII hundreds, once the largest one of Scotland but partly destroyed during the civil war. With the ISC, you’ll get FREE ENTRY to both the St Rules Tower & the castle! And to round of your day, relax at the West Sands beach, said to be one of the most beautiful ones of Scotland!

147 will be sold for £8 on Monday, 17.1.2011 at 6pm in the ISC lounge!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy New Year from the ISC

Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great Christmas break and had a fabulous start of the term in rain. ;) Welcome back to those who went away for the holiday and to those of you who just arrived, welcome to Edinburgh and the ISC! We wish you all a great semester. :)

It's a busy week, being back to uni and getting back to the routine but don't miss out on all the exciting events we are planning!

Our Lounge is open every weekday during the semester - come over anytime for free coffee, tea and some sweet company!
The LOUNGE (ISC, 22b Buccleuch Place) open times are:

Monday,Wednesday & Thursday 12:00-16:00
Tuesday 12:00-18:00
Friday 12:00-15:00

And now, the plan of the week:

Tuesday, 11th

COFFEE EVENING 16:00-18:00 @ the ISC
Pop in for a chat, we will have free coffee/tea along with biscuits and cheese ready for you. A great time and place to just mingle and relax from the workload!

Wednesday, 12th

18:00-19:00 @ the ISC
Come and get your ticket for our first trip of the semester to the Deep Sea World and South Queensferry, taking place on this Saturday, the 15th and your ticket for our first cultural evening, the Indian Night, taking place next Monday, the 17th. Tickets for the trip costs £13.00 each and a ticket for the Indian Night costs £3.00 each.
You can check the trip out here:
and the event here:

Join us and bring something to share with others! It's a great opportunity to relax and be absorbed in our friendly, international atmosphere. :)
Check the event out on the following link:

Thursday, 13th

PUB NIGHT 21:00- @ the Greenmantle (44 Westcrosscauseway)
Gather around at the Greenmantle, just 5 min walk away from the ISC. They have some special deals with us including £1.75 for vodka mix, bottled beer, small wine as well as 30 % discounts for any food (served till midnight)! When you are ordering your drinks for these deals, make sure you mention that you are with the "ISC/ society" otherwise you won't be benefiting from the deals. If you haven't picked up your loyalty card, get it from our lounge or pick it up on Thursday night!

We have the pub to ourselves this night and a Wii available for us to play with, so don't miss our first social!

Saturday, 15th

Our first trip of the semester takes you to Scotland's national aquarium with Britain's longest underwater viewing tunnel and a visit to South Queensferry, where you can see one of the world's largest spans, Forth Road Bridge. Don't forget to get your ticket on Wednesday @ 18:00!
Further details available on:

Have a great Week 1 & hope to see you around the ISC!xx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

ISC Pub Night 13/01/11

Join us for our first social of the semester at the Greenmantle, just 5-min away from the ISC! We have the whole pub to ourselves from 21:00 on Thursday, 13th of January. We will have a Nintendo Wii in a corner to play some games during the night as well ;)

Come and pick up your loyalty membership card reminding you of the deals they offer, including 30% off all food (incl their buffalo burgers), £1.75 for vodka mix, bottled beer, small wine and 50p dash with every spirit. They are available at our Lounge and from one of us at the Pub Night itself.

Meet us at the pub or, if you haven't been to the pub before, meet us in front of the ISC at 20:45 to have a walk there together. ;)

Hope to see you there and have a great start in the new semester!

International Potluck - 12/01/11

Come along to the ISC's lounge - everyone is welcome as long as you bring some food to share with others!

Enjoy a relaxed evening in a friendly, international atmosphere. It's a good time to rest from the buzz of your first week, but you'll be making new friends at the same time! It's all for free, but we ask that you bring some food to share. :)

See you on Wednesday, 12th @ 20:00 in the ISC (22b Buccleuch Place)!

Volunteers Wanted!


We are looking for those of you who are willing to dedicate one hour per week during the semester to come to the ISC Lounge, make sure there's coffee and tea ready and be friendly and chatty. :)

Please join us and take this opportunity to meet some amazing people from all over the world, at the same time getting that warm feeling that you dedicated your time to something meaningful.

If you are interested, please come to our meeting on Monday @ 18:00-19:00 at the ISC Lounge (22b Buccleuch Pl) to hear more and sign-up. Or, if you are busy on the day, please get in touch with our Volunteers' Coordinator, Emma@:

Thank you!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Tickets for this event will be sold on Wednesday the 12th January from 6 - 7pm at the ISC.

Spice up your evening with Indian night!

On the 17th January, starting 8p.m., as expected, there will be food – however, we will not be serving curry! We will be serving assortments of chaat (a popular, savoury snack sold on the streets of India, devoured by school kids, uni students and professionals), pakoras (fried snack/fritter with onions, potatoes or cottage cheese) and kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream).

During and after the food, there will follow a powerpoint and/or quiz on Indian culture, including information on Bollywood.

And to finish off, a movie: Lagaan.

This is the most recent Oscar nominated film (aside from Slumdog millionaire) with elements taken from Bollywood and Indian history.


Hello everybody, and welcome (back) to the ISC!

We hope you had some nice holidays and a great New Year, and are ready for a new round of trips across Scotland and Northern England!

On Saturday, 15. January 2011, we will take you to Deep Sea World & South Queensferry. We will be leaving from the ISC at around 9 a.m.

Come along to Scotland's National Aquarium for a spectacular Underwater Safari, marvel at the sharks in one of the largest underwater tunnels in the world, experience the fragile beauty of coral reefs and the colourful fish that live in them and so much more, from windows to exotic places like the Amazon, Lake Malawi to an exhibition of the sea creatures that live on the shores of the UK, Deep Sea World has a lot on offer.
But this is not all yet - there will also be an exclusive creature encounter session, where you will have the chance to get to know some of the inhabitants of this underwater museum from close-up!

Afterwards, we will spend the afternoon in South Queensferry,
the charming village located between the Northern ends of the Forth Road Bridge and the Rail Bridge was named after Queen Margaret who provided a ferry service from Edinburgh to the near Dunfermline Abbey.
Come along to see the old Tolbooth, St. Marys Church and visit the famous "Hawes Inn", featuring in Robert Louis Stevenson's books. You can also take a walk on the Forth Road Bridge: an opportunity to see Europes longest bridge span from close up and to enjoy a magnificent view on the Firth of Forth!

All of this for the mere price of £13! Normally, the entry to DSW alone would cost you £10.50 (with concession!), but the ticket from the ISC includes all transportation, DSW entry + the exclusive creature encounter session! Bargain - not to be missed :)

A first set of tickets will be sold on Sunday, 9. January 2011 during the Orientation Day (68 tickets in total), and the second ticket sale will be on Wednesday, 12. January 2011 at 6pm in the ISC Lounge (22b Buccleuch Place) (67 tickets + any left overs from sunday). We sell a maximum of 2 tickets per person.