Saturday, 26 February 2011


Join the ISC on Saturday, March 5 and come to Loch Leven! Loch Leven is one of the largest lowland lochs in Scotland, and this trip will give you the chance to see this beautiful natural area! A trail around the north shore of the loch will give you the ability to explore Loch Leven on foot. Loch Leven is a National Nature Reserve, a Site of Specific Interest, and a Special Protection Area within Scotland.

Loch Leven contains several islands, one of which has Loch Leven Castle, which dates back to roughly 1300. The castle is most famous for once having been the prison of Mary, Queen of Scots. Come see this piece of history!

The small, tranquil town of Kinross, situated on the west short of Loch Leven, will give you a place to eat lunch and explore a bit. Kinross also offers a variety of coffee shops and souvenir shops so you can commemorate your trip!

All in all, the trip to Lech Leven should offer you a chance to get away from Uni stress for a day and relax in Scotland's natural beauty!

A map of Kinross and Loch Leven will be given to you on the trip.


*TICKETS will cost 8 pounds and will go on sale on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28 at 6 PM in the ISC lounge.*

**Please also note that though you can buy up to two tickets per person, when we are handing out the "provisional" tickets, please make sure you ask for two provisional tickets as well, as otherwise we will only let you buy one when signing-up and paying for the real ticket.**

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Hi everyone,

this is just a wee notice to remind you about the weekend trips ticket sale and an update on the Ullapool Weekend Trip price!

We're happy to announce that we can further reduce the Ullapool Weekend Trip price to £45 - this includes transport, accomodation, a professional guide, light breakfast on sunday morning, and most likely free entry to the Urguhart Castle at Loch Ness! This is a true bargain, so don't miss out on this chance!
For more information, please refer to the event:

We also have some further news on the Lake District Weekend Trip - the hostel we will be staying at is about a mile away from the next town, and after a long day hiking, you might wish to have dinner at the hostel. If you'd like us to make a reservation for you, please bring £9 more along with you to the ticket sale tomorrow. However, if you want to keep exploring the place in the evening, there will be meal options in the town!
Recap on the prices:
£35 without dinner (includes transport, accomodation & breakfast)
£44 with dinner at the hostel (note that if you choose not to have dinner at the hostel, you will be responsible for your own meal on saturday evening)
For more information, please refer to the event:

The ticket sale for both weekend trips will be tomorrow; Thursday 24.2.2011 at 6:30pm in the ISC Lounge (22b Buccleuch Place).
Please remember that you will only be able to buy a ticket for ONE weekend trip as well as only ONE ticket per person. Also, please remember to bring your matriculation card, as otherwise we can't sell the ticket to you, and we can only accept cash.
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation!

Thank you for reading through, have a nice wednesday evening! :)

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Come along with the ISC on Saturday, February 26th to visit the city of Newcastle in northeastern England! Newcastle is situated on the north bank of the river Tyne, an area of settlement dating back to 2nd century AD, when it was a Roman fort. This bustling city of 275,000 people historically functioned as an important coal shipping port, but has recently shaken off its industrial past to become a hip, modern, and cosmopolitan cultural destination!

Attractions include:

- The Gateshead Millennium Bridge: A remarkable feat of engineering, this is the world's first and only tilting bridge and one of the region's most important landmarks.

- The University of Newcastle is one of England's most prestigious research-intensive universities, situated on a beautiful campus just northwest of the city centre

- The Castle Keep of Newcastle upon Tyne, built by Henry II between 1168-1178 and one of the finest surviving examples of a Norman Keep in the country.

- Grainger Market: Once the largest covered market in Europe in the 1830s, it's now a Grade I listed building that offers a unique shopping experience!

- A variety of famous art galleries are scattered around the city centre, including the Baltic and the Biscuit Factory

A map of the city centre will be given to you on the trip.


*TICKETS will cost 10 pounds and will go on sale on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21 at 6 PM in the ISC lounge. There will be a total of 220 tickets available.*

**Please also note that though you can buy up to two tickets per person, when we are handing out the "provisional" tickets, please make sure you ask for two provisional tickets as well, as otherwise we will only let you buy one when signing-up and paying for the real ticket.**

Friday, 18 February 2011


On the weekend of the 19.-20. March, the ISC will be heading to the most famous National Park in England - the Lake District!

We will be spending the night in a hostel in Hawkshead - said to be the prettiest village in the Lake District!

Please be aware that this will be a trip for those of you who prefer to be independent and outdoors! We are arranging your accommodation and transportation, and the rest is all for you to plan. There will be no professional guides, however, we shall provide you with maps, and you will be completely free to explore the beauties of this National Park on your own!

Tickets will be a mere £35, and include convenient transport on a private coach, accomodation and breakfast on sunday morning - you won't be able to find a better deal than with the ISC!
There will also be the possibility to prearrange dinner for saturday evening.

Tickets will be sold next week, most likely on thursday - keep an eye on this spot for more details on the time!


On the weekend of the 12.-13. March 2011, the ISC will be embarking on its traditional weekend trip up to the highlands of Scotland!

Come along for the ultimate Scottish experience, stopping by various places on our way up North which will lead us to the scenic town of Ullapool on the North-West coast of Scotland. You will be staying at a hostel exclusively booked for the ISC, beautifully located right on the shore.
On our way back to Edinburgh, we will take you along further attractions of Scotland, including Loch Ness and Glencoe - must-sees!

Entertainment will be provided by a professional tour guide - to make sure you get as much out of your trip as possible, and to make the hours spend in the bus go by without you noticing!

Further details on the exact itinerary and price will be coming up soon, so watch this place! :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

ISC GO APE 06/03/11

Were you one of those kids who drove their parents crazy by behaving like a monkey and climbing up every single place you could get your hands on?
Ever fancied trying what it feels like to be an ape and swing through the canopies of trees?

Then you should come along to our outdoor trip of the semester - Go Ape!
On sunday, 6th March, the ISC will be heading to the Beecraigs outdoor centre to spend an afternoon climbing and swinging through the trees!

What exactly is it about?

"It’s not in the dictionary, but if it was, Go Ape would be described as a ‘high-wire forest adventure’.
That means we build giant obstacle courses up in the trees using ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and super-strong wire, and top it all off with the country’s best zip lines.
We then kit people out with harnesses, pulleys and karabiners, give them a 30 minute safety briefing and training and let them loose into the forest canopy, free to swing through the trees. Of course, instructors are always on hand, regularly patrolling the forests (not in monkey suits unfortunately!)
The result is spectacular. The Go Ape experience gets the adrenalin pumping, gets people out of their comfort zones and above all (no pun intended), it’s just great fun."

Promising to be an afternoon to remember, make sure you get your ticket at the ISC lounge (22b Buccleuch Place) on TUESDAY, 22. February at 6:30pm!
Tickets will be a mere £35 - this includes all the outdoor fun & convenient transport to and from the outdoor centre! You wouldn't get there more easily and for a cheaper price than with the ISC!

For more information, check out the website:


Anyone still interested in going to the trip, please read the following post carefully! thanks :)

Hey all,
so we arranged another 70 seater. those who were on the reserved list will have received an email that there was a ticket sale for them tonight, however, some people didn't come to pay for their ticket.
if you are one of these people on the list and still want to go, just come along on saturday, bring your money & matric card and we'll find your name on the list.
but quite possibly there will still be free spots on the bus, so whoever fancies giving it a try, there are around 10 spots available, so just come and buy a ticket on the day! :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Edinburgh Castle, the symbol of the city, looms over the Old Town, casting long shadows. Built on igneous rock, its thick stone walls carry secrets from Edinburgh's dark and fascinating past.

A national symbol, the Castle is perched in between the Old Town and the New Town, and is definitely worth a visit. Even if you have already visited it, why not go again with the ISC?

We offer the visit for the BEST deal - £2.00!
Independent of the ISC, entrance to the Castle would cost £13.00 so you're saving £11.00 if you go with us and what more, you get lovely company!

After hearing requests of holding the castle trip on a more convenient time rather than Wednesday, this time we have one trip on a Sunday for those of you who are busy on Wednesday!

We have two visits on two days. On Wednesday, 23rd February (time slots 1400 and 1430) and Sunday, 27th of February (time slots 1200 and 1230 )and are taking 50 people per time slot, so there are only a grand total of 200 tickets!

The tickets for these visits to the Castle will be sold on Wednesday 16th February, starting 18.00 at the ISC (22b Buccleuch street). There will be two stalls for each of the two days (23rd February and 27th February). NO SEPARATE TICKET SALES. ONLY ONE DAY.

We have a total of 200 tickets for sale: 100 for each day, which is 50 for each time slot! Each ticket is ONLY £2.00, so get yours fast as they are guaranteed to run out!

Hope to see you at the ticket sales!
ISC Events Com


Hey everyone,

And happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a great Semester 2 so far, and have enjoyed our trips, events and lounge! As you (hopefully) will have noticed, the volunteers at the ISC never rest to make sure you have the best possible time in Scotland, so now it is time to draw your attention to our next big happening:


Unfortunately, I have to give you some sad news first – due to some recent damage at Carbisdale, we won’t be able to have our Weekend Trip to Carbisdale Castle anymore, as has been advertised so far. However, fear not, the Trips Team has been working hard to find an alternative as quickly as possible, and we are proud to present you our solution…

Instead of one Weekend Trip, we will give you two!

On the weekend of the 12.-13. March, join the ISC on their journey up to Ullapool, a charming town on the coast of North-West Scotland. We will take you through the Highlands far up North where you otherwise you would not get the chance to visit as easily; entertainment will be provided by professional tour guides, and there shall be numerous stops on our way including Loch Ness…
Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon!

Then, as Ullapool has a smaller capacity than Carbisdale Castle, but we still want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to go on a Weekend Trip with the ISC, we decided to turn our planned day-trip to Lake District into a second Weekend Trip… Yes, that’s right, a weekend trip to Lake District! On the weekend of 19.-20. March, you will have two days to explore the beauties of the most famous National Park in England and spend a night Hawkshead, the prettiest village in Lake District!

More information on the precise itineraries and prices to be coming soon… :)

ISC Trips Com

Friday, 11 February 2011


Saturday the 19th the ISC buses will go in the direction of Loch Lomond, the largest loch in Great Britain.

The day will start in Balloch Castle Country Park. There are many attractions to suit everyone's taste. Apart from the castle itself, there are a number of affiliated houses - including the gatehouses, which are still standing, and the ruins of the gamekeeper's house. There is a beautiful walled garden that was primarily used for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables for use in the castle kitchens. Or maybe you fancy a stroll through the Chinese Gardens or the Fairy Glen?

A detailed map of the area will be provided, so that everybody can go in their own time to the Loch Lomond Shores, Scotland’s most spectacular visitor destination combining the beautiful environment with an outstanding mixture of leisure and shopping experiences overlooking the majesty of Loch Lomond at Balloch.
The Gateway centre is a starting point for different walks through the woodland and along the shores of this beautiful Loch.
We will also have 80 optional tickets available for a beautiful one hourse cruise over the Loch, for the ultimate view. Come along on this day to explore the true beauty of Scotland.
Ticket price: £7
**Optional cruise (80 places): £6 (extra)**

Ticketsale: Monday 14th of February ISC lounge, 6 pm.

**Please also note that though you can buy up to two tickets per person, when we are handing out the "provisional" tickets, please make sure you ask for two provisional tickets as well, as otherwise we will only let you buy one when signing-up and paying for the real ticket.**

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


The International Student Centre (ISC) and EUSA Global present
★ INTERNATIONAL EVENING 2011 ★ - The biggest celebration of diversity at the University of Edinburgh!


Tickets are £3 and will be sold at the following places on these days

- Wednesday, 9th Feb:
- in front of the Main Library from 11:00 - 15:00
-17:00 - 19:00 @ the ISC Lounge (22b Buccleuch Place)

- Thursday, 10th Feb:
- 16:00 - 19:00

EUSA Box Office until 20:00 everyday and the EUSA Online Ticketing System:


On Friday, 11th of February, the university will witness, for the first time, the coming together of numerous nationalities as they bring along snapshots of their culture, tradition and food.

An evening featuring performances by popular university societies such as DrumSoc, Contemporary and Hip Hop Dance, Salsa, BarberSoc, EU Bhangra Crew, Japanese Singing and more.

Also, there will be cultural stalls presenting traditional delectables for you to devour by cultural societies such as Chinese Students Association, EUThai Soc, German Soc, Singapore Students' Society, Spanish Soc, Kazakhstan Soc and many, many more.

Our university and its student body is a melting pot of cultures and this night promises to display the best of talent, food and tradition from the many nationalities as never seen before!

So, start buying tickets and come on down!

Monday, 7 February 2011


Tickets for this event will be sold on Wednesday 9th February in the ISC lounge from 6.00 to 7.00pm, at the price of £3.

Come and feast with us on the 14th of February at 8.00 pm on Indonesian food and culture! As with all of our themed nights, there will be food, namely nasi goreng (indonesian fried rice), chicken satay, and kue lapis surabaya. Not only will we entice your taste buds, but we will also ensure you learn something - a few fun facts about Indonesian culture! Finally we will wrap up the evening with a movie ('Ada apa dengan Cinta?').


Film synopsis:

Indonesian filmmaker Rudy Soejarwo directs the teen movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (What's Up With Love?). Set in Jakarta, the film involves the romance between high school girl Cinta (played by Southeast Asian pop singer and teen magazine cover girl Dian Sastrowardoyo) and a boy named Rangga (Nicholas Saputra). She learns that his father has been banned from teaching and is later attacked for his political views. In addition, Cinta's best friend attempts to take her life due to a domestic violence situation with her family. What's Up With Love? was screened in the U.S. at the 2002 Hawaii Film Festival.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Join us for a day at two of the nicest places in the whole of Scotland:

Bamburgh Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the country, lies high above the county of Northumberland on a rocky plateau, overlooking the coastline. Between when it was home to “Aethelfrith the Ravening wolf” in 607 until the discovery of the Bamburgh Sword, the only one of its kind, in 1960, it has seen many tragedies and great stories, waiting to be discovered by you.

And Melrose Abbey, located in the Borders region and as therefore a historically immensely important place. Robert the Bruce’s heart was buried here after he died in the Middle East, and many kings and queens were crowned here. More than that however, it is known for its sheer beauty, inspiring famous poets such as Walter Scott to write about it.

You shouldn’t leave Scotland without having seen these famous landmarks, so join us on Saturday, 12th Feb at 9am in front of the ISC.

Tickets will be £15 and will be sold on Monday, 7th Feb at 6pm in the ISC. We will be handing out provisional tickets again, so please make sure that if you want to buy two tickets, also ask for two provisional tickets, otherwise we will only let you buy one.

Please also note that even though there are opportunities to buy food both in Melrose and at Bamburgh Castle, it might be difficult to sustain yourself at a student budget price, so we would advise you to bring packed lunch to the trip.