Sunday, 5 February 2012

Happenings of Week 4- 6/2/12 to 12/2/12

Monday 6/2/2012: Swiss Night : 8.00-11.00 pm @ ISC Lounge

Indulge in delicious authentic Swiss goodies, like Nusstorte and fondue! A short presentation about the culture and history of Switzerland will tell you all you nee to know and a popular Swiss movie will also be shown at the end of the night. For ticket holders only!

Event page:

- Registration for Oban Trip which is on 11/2/2012 : 6.30pm

To attend the Oban Trip this Saturday you MUST register at : . Following successful registration, you must pay 10 pounds and pay for your ticket at the ISC Lounge on Wednesday 8th February 6.30-7.30 pm. Ticket price includes bus, castle, chapel at Oban

For more information:

Tuesday 7/2/2012: Coffee Evening, 4pm-6 pm @ ISC Lounge

This is our weekly coffee evening- every week we have coffee evening on Tuesdays at 4pm. Free tea, coffee and biscuits (sometimes cheese!) are always served. This is a fabulous opportunity to meet lots of people from around the world!

7pm: Extraordinary General Meeting @ ISC Lounge

This meeting is for voting our new House Manager (see post below). Please come and vote- as long as you are a matriculated student you have the right to!

Wednesday 8/2/2012: Oban Trip ticket collection, 6.30-7.30 pm @ ISC Lounge

If you have successfully pre-registered online (not on waiting list!) for the Oban Trip, you MUST come to pay for and collect your ticket at the ISC Lounge. 10 pounds- cash only!!

- Registration for West African Night which is on 13/2/2012 : 7.30pm

Our event the following Monday is West African Night! Play traditional African games, eat authentic foods & listen to a performance by the African Drumming Society! To attend, you MUST register at : . Following successful registration, you must pay 3 pounds and pay for your ticket at the ISC Lounge on Thursday 9th February 6.30 pm.

For more info:

Thursday 9/2/2012: West African Night ticket collection, 6.30pm @ ISC Lounge

If you have registered online to attend West African night, please collect your ticket at the ISC Lounge and pay 3 pounds in cash!

-Pub Night, 9 pm - 1am @ Greenmantle Pub

Weekly pub night for the ISC held at the Greenmantle at 44 West Crosscauseway- this will be regular time every week. Chill out with old or new friends, with special offers on drinks and food courtesy of the International Student Centre and the Greenmantle. There are also wine deals, with 7.50 pounds on a bottle, 3 pounds for a large glass of wine and 2 pounds for a small glass.

Saturday 11/2/2012: Oban Trip, 9am

Only available to ticket holders! Depart 9am from ISC Lounge 22b Buccleuch Place. For more information :

Our lounge will be open this week 12pm-4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12pm-6pm on Tuesday and 12pm-3pm on Friday.

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