Friday, 30 March 2012

EUSA Election Campaigning

Dear All

It has recently come to our attention that the ISC was featured in James McAsh's presidential campaign video. In the video Aurora Adams (International Students Convenor) stands outside the ISC with the ISC's banner in the background talking about International Students Issues. This was done without the ISC's consent and neither James McAsh nor Aurora Adams are in any way affiliated with the ISC.

While we understand McAsh's wish to focus on International Students we wish to make the ISC's position absolutely clear:

The ISC did not support McAsh's campaign and neither will the ISC in the future (as per 7.2 in our newly ratified constitution) support any one candidate over others in EUSA elections.

McAsh had in fact been in contact with us asking executives to feature in his video but was told that this was not possible due to the ISC's policy. Furthermore he was also told that the ISC does not wish for candidates to campaign on our premises.

We therefore consider this a gross violation of the ISC's wishes and hope nobody was under the impression that the ISC supported his candidacy.

We are aware that this is after the fact, the election is over, unfortunately we were unaware of this earlier.

All the best, On Behalf of the ISC Committee,

Rasmus Dall
- President 11/12

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