Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week 5 Happenings 15/10 - 21/10

Week 5 is rolling in and some of us already have mid-terms to study for! Fortuately, the ISC is always there - come by the lounge and have a short break, with some coffee or tea and a friendly chat :)

Monday 15/10/2012:
-Online registration opens today for the ISC trip to Newcastle at 6.30pm. Follow the instructions on the link below to reserve a ticket online.
-Welkom bij nederlandse nacht! (=welcome to Dutch Night), 7.30pm @ ISC Lounge.

Tuesday 16/10/2012:
-Coffee Evening, 4pm-6pm @ ISC Lounge
Chill out, meet tons of new people over free tea, coffee and biscuits!
-Ticket collection for the ISC's weekend trip to the Highlands, 6.30 pm@ ISC Lounge.Please note that having registered online does not guarantee you a ticket!

 Wednesday 17/10/2012:
Ticket collection for Newcastle trip, 6.30pm @ ISC Lounge.

 Thursday 18/10/2012:
-Weekly Pub Night, 9pm @ Greenmantle Pub.Cheap drinks on offer & awesome company from all over the world!

 Saturday 20/10/2012:
ISC trip to Newcastle! Depart at 8am from the ISC Lounge.Please note: trip available to ticket holders only! https://www.facebook.com/events/162651907207873/

 Our lounge will be open this week 12pm-4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12pm-6pm on Tuesday and 12pm-3pm on Friday.

Enjoy the week people!

-Clara Sophie Kantner (ISC Publicity Secretary)

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