Sunday, 15 February 2015

Innovative Learning Week

Innovative Learning Week is here and it brings you our International Desserts Night, where you can try sweets from all over the world! Even though the University has gone on a small break, the ISC hasn’t and we are keeping our Lounge open every weekday from 12 to 4 pm. We’re also having our weekly Coffee Evening and Pub Night, so come along for a friendly and fun atmosphere!

What’s on at the ISC this week :
16/02: Lunar New Year Celebrations, 6-8 pm @ Teviot
17/02: ISC Coffee Evening 4-6pm @ ISC
18/02: International Desserts Night, 7pm @ Teviot
19/02: ISC Pub night, 9pm @ Greenmantle

If you want to find more information on our trips and events, check out our website
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Have a fun ILW! J


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