Friday, 23 October 2009

Lindisfarne Trip [31/10]

Join the ISC to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne next Saturday (31/10). We will be visiting the tidal island of outstanding natural beauty as well as the castle on the island. Enjoy a crab sandwhich (local speciality) and see the place where the Vikings first invaded England in 793, an event some historians regard as the start of the Viking Ages.

The road to this island is flooded by the tide twice a day, so it is essential you make it to the bus on the specified time if you do not want to spend the night on the island.

Please remember to bring warm clothes and an umbrella as we will be outside most of the day:) We leave the ISC at 8am and should be back around 6 in the afternoon.

Tickets go on sale Monday the 26th at noon.

Tickets cost £8 pr. person and there are a total of 68 available. If possible, please try to bring the exact amount due to make the sales quicker and easier.

Picture taken from WikiCommons

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