Thursday, 8 October 2009

Scotland v. Australia - Rugby @ Murrayfield [21/11]

Have you ever been to a game of rugby?

Regardless of your answer, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the spectacle that Scotland's encounter with Australia promises to be!

A real rugby powerhouse, having won the World Cup on in 1991, 1999 and narrowly losing to England in 2003 in the very last game after Jonny Wilkinson's legendary drop goal in extra time. Don't you know what a drop goal is? No worries, we are going to explain all the rugby rules so you know when to start cheering [or booing]!

One word - tradition. The Scottish Rugby Union is the second oldest in the whole world and Edinburgh University was one of its founders! Scotland might not have been as successful as Australia, but hey, it is a small country and does rather well in  curling [that is an Olympic sport] and cycling [Chris Hoy] instead.


Scottish fans
Scotland has the most loyal and loving fans in the world - the Tartan Army. Never short of kilts, Jimmy hats, saltires & face paints, never feeling too down to stop banging their drums & playing their bagpipes, never too tired to abandon cheering & Mexican waves - and always smiling... A real must-see while in Scotland and one of the best Scottish exports!

Scotland's home of rugby - capable of taking 64,700 spectators on board! Most big games tend to sell out, promising an unforgettable atmosphere before and throughout [and maybe even after] the match! Seeing the fire show & fireworks as well as singing "Flower of Scotland" just before the game kicks off is a real treat...

Would you like to go?
The word on the street is that tickets are selling out fast - so we decided to step in and buy some. Our "rugby package" will get you some proper [Scottish] food & drinks [whisky too - "When in Rome..."] before the game as well as enough war paint for everyone - regardless of which side you support! We will then head off just in time to see the action unfold...

Now the important bit - tickets [£10/person] go on sale in the back room [where the foosball table is] of the ISC Lounge on Thursday [15/10] @ 4pm. We have [hopefully] ordered enough tickets - although these are yet to be printed out. 

The following will therefore happen - each person will receive a ticket voucher and we will contact you by phone or email once your ticket[/s] have arrived. This system worked perfectly well last year and there is no reason why it should not work this year.

Each ticket holder has to be a matriculated student - Murrayfield security checks student IDs before allowing people into the house of fun...

Any questions? Use the "Post a Comment" feature below...

ISC Rugby Poster


  1. Dear ISC,

    I would like to complain about your tickets sales policy. I read your previous post ( ) and I agree with you.

    However, the problem imho is about your organization.
    First of all, why don't you write how many tickets you have in advance, instead of writing "We have [hopefully] enough tickets"? But this is not the main point.
    In my opinion, it is unbelievable to wait for more than 1 hour and then going home without any tickets.

    What is the solution?

    Well, simply count immediately - as you did - how many people are there, AND count how many tickets everyone is going to buy.(just a simple question) Might take 5-10 mins.

    Today WE had to do it, after waiting in vain for 1 hour, your colleague came out and counted people in the queue again. My friend asked about how many tickets were left, the answer was 11. So he said that everyone behind us (we have been nr.10 and 11) wont get a ticket and that he is sorry. But he DID not ask the people how many tickets they might want to get. So we asked the guys in front of us, and miracle miracle, after nr. 6 it was over, cause every single one of them tried to get at least 2 tickets!!!

    Thanks for waisting our time with unorganized plannings. The sad thing is, it was not the first time!

    This was just a little suggestion that I think will help you improve your work!


  2. Hey Michele,

    apologies for what happened. We did not know how many tickets were going on sale until the very last minute. We never expected such an overwhelming response and tried to secure more tickets in the afternoon - succeeded only partially, as we managed to buy the last 8 tickets in our sector [before it sold out completely].

    As I wrote in my short article, ticket sales are always a problem - and highly annoying - for both sides concerned. We do realize our shortcomings, but please bear in mind that there was only one person from the Events Committee that was available for the ticket sales. The lack of space does not make things much easier either.

    We are constantly trying to improve and hence appreciate your comment. We are, however, only a bunch of volunteers who try to do their best - and we learn from our mistakes.

    I can promise you that from now onwards every blog article will contain a precise number of tickets that go on sale.

    We will also make the Weekend Trip sales much more convenient - using the method you suggested [we used it in the past - but only for the Weekend Trip, when we had a sufficient amount of volunteers available to manage the queue].

    Thanks for your comment!


  3. Dear Lukas,

    Thank you very much for your kind answer.
    Now I can fully understand the situation and I realize that you have a lot of problems.
    I am glad that you will use this method for the Weekend Trip and I suggest you - for other trips where you don't have enough volunteers available to manage to queue - to ask someone queuing there to do this work: I think it will helpful for everyone in the queue!

    Thank you for your attention,