Friday, 12 March 2010

Games Night

Come along to the ISC Monday the 15th of March from 8pm onwards and play games!

We have three new games for you all to enjoy:

Risk: Classic Edition
In Risk, you're in it to conquer the world! Capture territories, dominate continents and conquer the world! A classic strategic board game.

Bang! The Bullet
Sheriff, Outlaw or Renegade? The Outlaws must kill the Sheriff, the Sheriff the Outlaws and the Renegades... and the Renegades need to escape the mayhem intact! A fun-filled Wild West card-game, who'll come out on top?

Jungle Speed
In Jungle Speed it's survival of the quickest: who's got the fastest brain and the quickest reflexes. It's tense, it's manic and it's a bucketful of laughs. Match and snatch to get rid of your cards, but be careful, all is not as it first appears in the jungle!

Of course you're not limited to just those three games... play Trivial Pursuit, Articulateor any other of the ISC's games!

See you there!

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