Friday, 5 March 2010

Quirky Comedy Night

Come and see Part 3 of our British Comedy nights on Thursday 11th March, after the coffee evening at 6.30 pm. It introduces two rather quirky, culty comedy series: ‘The Thick of It’ and ‘Peep Show’. This is what the British Comedy Guide has to say about them:

Peep Show
“A sitcom about Mark and Jeremy (Jez), two socially dysfunctional men. Despite having nothing in common they share a South London flat.

Wannabe 'musician' Jeremy is a lazy man with big ideas, mostly about himself. Meanwhile Mark is an astonishingly tragic obsessive loser with a no-pain, no-gain view of the world.

Their deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings are revealed as they try to find their place in the modern world and endeavour to find love and fulfilment.“

The Thick of It

“Caustic comedy, set in the corridors of power. This satirical sitcom focuses on the civil servants, the PR team and ministers who work for the (fictional) Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship.

Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) is the Prime Minister's Director of Communications. He uses bullying, intimidation and lots of swearing to try and keep The Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship in the press for the right reasons, but out of the press whenever there is something that needs covering up.”

Two half hour episodes of each series will be shown. Both series, but especially The Thick of It, contain plenty of swearing. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! As always, BYOB.

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