Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Tickets for this event will be sold on Wednesday the 17th November from 6 - 7pm at the ISC.

The end of the semester draws near, but our international-themed evenings are nowhere near over. That’s right, Indian night is up next!

On the 22nd November, starting 8p.m., as expected, there will be food – however, we will not be serving curry! We will be serving assortments of chaat (a popular, savoury snack sold on the streets of India, devoured by school kids, uni students and professionals), pakoras (fried snack/fritter with onions, potatoes or cottage cheese) and kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream).

During and after the food, there will follow a powerpoint and/or quiz on Indian culture, including information on bollywood.

And to finish off, a movie: Lagaan.

This is the most recent Oscar nominated film (aside from Slumdog millionaire) with elements taken from Bollywood and Indian history.

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