Friday, 26 November 2010


Join the ISC on our last trip of this year!

On Saturday, 4. December we will be taking you to Glasgow, Scotland's largest city and one of the oldest settlements in Western Europe.
Relax at the end of a stressful semester, take care of your christmas shopping, and explore the various attractions in the city - the science centre, art gallery, cathedral, or the beautiful buildings of Glasgow University.

We will be going by train again, for the bargain price of £6!
Meeting point will be 9:10am at Waverley Station in front of the platforms to take the train at 9:32am. You'll get an open-return ticket and a flyer.

A max of 100 tickets will go on sale as usual on Monday, 29.11. at 6pm in the ISC lounge. Please try to bring the exact change, that would be great! Thanks :)

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