Monday, 6 December 2010

Winter Greetings from the ISC

It is indeed, 19 days till Christmas and the end of the Semester I is fast approaching!

The ISC will be closed from now until the beginning of Semester II in January 2011 but we hope you are all well, working hard through exam preparations and/or essays, looking forward to the winter break. The ISC would like to thank you all for your involvement with the ISC and very much hope that your time with us made your Semester I at the university more memorable.

This is also the sad time of the year when we have to bid farewell to those who are leaving us. We wish you the best where ever you end up - you will be missed! We hope you enjoyed Edinburgh with its rain, wind, occasional sun and snow...and of course, your time at the ISC! :D

The Semester II Schedules for our weekly Trips and Events are now ready as well - their links and thank yous from the committees are also included below:


Hi all!

First of all, thank you very much for filling in our poll - it was great to have so many of you telling us where you'd like to go!
Surely you'll be curious about the outcome & want to know what we came up with for next semester...

So here you go, the Semester 2 Trips Schedule!

Not only will we give you another chance to visit some of our most popular destinations, like St Andrews or Newcastle, we shall also take you to new places - cities, castles and nature trips alike! Don't miss the chance to explore the best of Scotland and Northern England for our cheap prices, and most importantly, the great company of your ISC friends!

Ticket sale times will be announced closer in time, but will most likely be on Monday nights again.
Following some complaints about our ticket sales, we have decided to give out provisional tickets 10-15 minutes before the start of the ticket sale, and hopefully this will reduce the in-vain waiting time for those who can't get a ticket. Those who do will then wait to sign-up & pay to get their real ticket.
I hope you understand that as volunteers, there is not much more we can do to facilitate things, but hopefully this solution will make things easier & more efficient for everyone.

We hope you enjoyed our first semester trips - we did enjoy taking you there!

Good luck with exams, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

ISC Trips Com


Hey everyone!

With a successful first semester running cultural nights taking you from Japan to France, showcasing internationally acclaimed movies such as Persepolis and hosting our very first large-scale event, the International Desserts Night (IDN), the ISC Events Com have a PACKED semster two.

We will take you to even more exotic cultural nights, showcase a series of themed film nights and run several outdoor sports activities in the Meadows during spring! What's more, we will be taking our IDN success further to acknowledge the diversity around us in our next, big event - International Evening (early Feb).

So, here's what the semester will look like:

*All our cultural/film/games nights are held at the ISC Lounge.
*Cultural Nights are ticketed, cost 3 pounds each (unless stated otherwise) and due to the capacity of the lounge, we only sell 30 tickets per night.
*Tickets will be sold a week prior to the event (day tbd).
*Film/Games nights are FREE, snacks provided on behalf of ISC.

We hope the events in first semester have lived up to your expectations! We promise second semester to be even better.
Best of luck with the exams, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Warm winter wishes,
ISC Events Com


That's it from us this year! =)
We wish you a fabulous winter holiday and a fantastic year 2011 ahead of you!

Hope to see you around xx

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