Saturday, 8 January 2011


Hello everybody, and welcome (back) to the ISC!

We hope you had some nice holidays and a great New Year, and are ready for a new round of trips across Scotland and Northern England!

On Saturday, 15. January 2011, we will take you to Deep Sea World & South Queensferry. We will be leaving from the ISC at around 9 a.m.

Come along to Scotland's National Aquarium for a spectacular Underwater Safari, marvel at the sharks in one of the largest underwater tunnels in the world, experience the fragile beauty of coral reefs and the colourful fish that live in them and so much more, from windows to exotic places like the Amazon, Lake Malawi to an exhibition of the sea creatures that live on the shores of the UK, Deep Sea World has a lot on offer.
But this is not all yet - there will also be an exclusive creature encounter session, where you will have the chance to get to know some of the inhabitants of this underwater museum from close-up!

Afterwards, we will spend the afternoon in South Queensferry,
the charming village located between the Northern ends of the Forth Road Bridge and the Rail Bridge was named after Queen Margaret who provided a ferry service from Edinburgh to the near Dunfermline Abbey.
Come along to see the old Tolbooth, St. Marys Church and visit the famous "Hawes Inn", featuring in Robert Louis Stevenson's books. You can also take a walk on the Forth Road Bridge: an opportunity to see Europes longest bridge span from close up and to enjoy a magnificent view on the Firth of Forth!

All of this for the mere price of £13! Normally, the entry to DSW alone would cost you £10.50 (with concession!), but the ticket from the ISC includes all transportation, DSW entry + the exclusive creature encounter session! Bargain - not to be missed :)

A first set of tickets will be sold on Sunday, 9. January 2011 during the Orientation Day (68 tickets in total), and the second ticket sale will be on Wednesday, 12. January 2011 at 6pm in the ISC Lounge (22b Buccleuch Place) (67 tickets + any left overs from sunday). We sell a maximum of 2 tickets per person.

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