Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happenings of Week 5- 17/10/2011 to 23/10/2011

Monday 17/10/2011: Finnish Night, 8.00 pm-11.00pm @ ISC Lounge

Sample some fine classical Finnish foods, learn about Finnish culture and watch a Finnish movie! Admission with tickets only. For events page:

: Online registration for French Night (happening on 24/10/2011), 7.00pm

Events are also currently using the online ticketing system, which has been in place for booking trips tickets.

At 7pm on the 17th of October, you must log on to: to register for your ticket. This is only the pre-registration! Therefore...

You MUST come to the ISC on Wednesday 19th October 6.30pm to collect your ticket and pay 3 pounds at the ISC, otherwise your online registration DOES NOT mean anything! You are entitled to get yourself one ticket and another matriculated student another ticket. Event page:

Tuesday 18/10/2011: Coffee Evening, 4pm-6pm @ ISC Lounge

Chill out, meet tons of new people over free tea, coffee and biscuits!

Wednesday 19/10/2011: Ticket collection for next week's French Night, 6.30pm @ ISC Lounge

If you have successfully pre-registered online for your ticket (see above), you MUST come into the ISC at this time to pay for and collect your ticket. Failure to pay and collect your ticket will mean your spot will go to someone else on the waiting list.

Thursday 20/10/2011: Pub Night, 9pm @ Greenmantle Pub

Cheap drinks on offer & awesome company from all over the world! Just waltz into the Greenmantle at 44 West Crosscauseway, and you will definitely see a big crowd of ISC-ers which will become familiar faces!

Online Registration for 2nd Weekend Trip to the Highlands (happening Nov 12-13) ,6.30pm : URL will be released tomorrow, those on the waitlist should already have access. See event for more details:

Saturday 22/10/2011 7am - Sunday 23/10/2011 7.30pm: ISC Weekend Trip to the Highlands

Tickets have been distributed the previous week. Please see our event page at for more information!

Our lounge will be open this week 12pm-4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12pm-6pm on Tuesday and 12pm-3pm on Friday.

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