Sunday, 23 October 2011

Happenings of Week 6- 24/10/2011 to 30/10/2011

Monday 24/10/2011: French Night, 8.00 pm-11.00pm @ ISC Lounge (22b Buccleuch Place)

Dig into French food and wine, learn about the cultural differences between France and Quebec and watch a classic French movie! Admission with tickets only. For events page:

- Registration for Dewar's World of Whisky and Aberfeldy: 6.30pm

Pre-register at the above URL if you are interested in going to a guided tour of a whisky distillery, sample some whiskey and exploring the town of Aberfeldy! Pre-registration does not guarantee you a ticket. You must pay 15 pounds and pay for your ticket at the ISC Lounge onTuesday 25th October 6.30-7.15pm. You must be above 18 to go on this trip! For more information:

Tuesday 25/10/2011: Coffee Evening, 4pm-6pm @ ISC Lounge

Chill out, meet tons of new people over free tea, coffee and biscuits!

- Ticket collection for Dewar's World of Whisky and Aberfeldy Trip: 6.30-7.15pm @ ISC Lounge

Tickets cost 15 pounds and are only available if you have successfully pre-registered. If you do not collect your ticket by 7.15pm, it will be released to those on the waitlist from 7.15-7.30pm.

Thursday 27/10/2011: Pub Night, 9pm @ Greenmantle Pub

Cheap drinks on offer & awesome company from all over the world! Just waltz into the Greenmantle at 44 West Crosscauseway, and you will definitely see a big crowd of ISC-ers which will become familiar faces!

Saturday 29/10/2011: Dewar's World of Whisky and Aberfeldy Trip, 9am-6pm

Only for those with tickets. Please see our event page for more information!

Our lounge will be open this week 12pm-4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12pm-6pm on Tuesday and 12pm-3pm on Friday.

There are no ticket sales for events this week as the following Monday's event is a free Halloween Movie Night.

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