Sunday, 28 September 2014

Week 3 at the ISC

Week 3 is already here, and we have plenty of events planned for you to participate and enjoy. From this week onwards the ISC is holding ‘Welcome home’ – a series of workshops for new international students, designed to ease the process of moving and studying in a new country.In addition, this week we are hosting our first cultural event, devoted to Bulgaria and co-hosting the InterUni Competition, as well as having a trip to Durham. And, of course, the ISC Lounge welcomes you every weekday from 12 to 4 pm for a nice chat with friendly people from around the world or just a warm cup of tea and coffee.
What’s going on at the ISC this week:
29/09: Culture Evening - Bulgaria, 7.30pm @ ISC.
30/09:  ISC Coffee Evening, 4-6pm @ ISC.
30/09: ‘Welcome Home’ Session 3 - How to study in the UK, 6-8pm @ ISC.
30/09: Online Registration for ISC trip to Durham trip goes live @ 6.30pm.
1/10: Ticket sale for Durham, 7-8.30pm @ ISC.
2/10: ISC Pub night, 9pm @ Greenmantle.
3/10: International InterUni Competition, 10.30pm @ Silk
4/10: ISC Trip to Durham, 7.45am-7.30pm.

This week is also India and South Asia week, which is also supported by the ISC. As part of the week, many interesting and exciting events are going to be held around the University, for everyone to enjoy.  

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Have an amazing week!

Your ISC

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