Sunday, 5 October 2014

Week 4 at the ISC

October is here and the weather outside is colder and more autimn-like. So why not pop in the ISC Lounge for a cup of hot tea and warm company? We’re open every weekday from 12 to 4 pm, except for Tuesdays, when we’re open for an extra 2 hours for our coffee evening. Of course, the week cannot pass without at least a few fun ISC events and our Saturday trip.

What’s going on at the ISC this week:
6/10: Culture Evening - Denmark
07/10:  ISC Coffee Evening, 4-6pm @ ISC.
07/10: ‘Welcome Home’ Session 4 – Be more confident, 6-8pm @ ISC.
07/10: Online Registration for ISC trip to Scottish Borders and Rosslyn Chapel goes live @ 6.30pm.
08/10: Ticket sale for Scottish Borders and Rosslyn Chapel, 7-8.30pm @ ISC.
09/10: ISC Pub night, 9pm @ Greenmantle.
11/10: ISC Trip to Scottish Borders and Rosslyn Chapel, 7.45am-7.30pm.

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Have fun! J

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