Sunday, 19 October 2014

Week 6 a the ISC
We have reached the mid-point of the semester. Most of you have important essays or projects due. However, if you have free time, come to the ISC Lounge for a cup of tea and a friendly chat. We’re open every weekday from 12-4pm. This week we’re also getting ready for our main trip of the semester – the Highlands trip. So keep an eye out for registration and ticket sale dates or any other updates!
What’s going on at the ISC this week:

21/10:  ISC Coffee Evening, 4-6pm @ ISC.
21/10: Online Registration for ISC trip to the Highlands goes live @ 6.30pm.
22/10: Workshop – Finding a Part Time Job, 3-4.30 pm @ ISC.
22/10: On-line registration for ISC Trip to Traquair House goes live @ 6.30pm.

22/10: Ticket sale for Highlands, 7-8.30pm @ ISC. 

23/10: ISC Pub night, 9pm @ Greenmantle.
If you want to be more up to date with the happenings at the ISC, join our mailing list:

Have a fun week! :)


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