Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Are you up for the more extreme kind of fun? Do you think you can beat the cold and the River Tay in its best season? Then you should come along to the ISC White Water Rafting Trip!

You might think it's getting cold, but hey it's Scotland, and winter is actually the best season for rafting if you want to experience a bit of the real thing and not just some peaceful cruising along the river, but when it is still reasonably easy for anyone who'd like a first taster of rafting.

The ISC is planning a rafting trip for the 9th of October, and we would like to know how many people we can expect to come along.price would be around £ 35-40 for a couple of hours fun and transport, and we'll try to arrange something to go for a meal afterwards.

If you are interested, please leave a comment on this blog. However, please make sure you ONLY leave a note if you know for sure you'd definitely like to come along. Any "maybe attending" will be dismissed as not attending. We have posted the equivalent message on Facebook, and anyone interested are asked to click on "attending". Please only do one or the other - comment on this blog or click on attend on the Facebook event.

Please note that your leaving a comment on the blog does not guarantee you a ticket yet - ticket sale will be arranged later on in the year. This sign-up is open until Thrsday (30th)evening this week, so please make sure you make up your mind whether you'd like to come along by then :)

Thank you!

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