Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ticket Sale - Rafting Trip

Are you up for more extreme kind of fun? Do you think you can beat the cold and the River Tay in its best season? Then you should come along to the ISC White Water Rafting Trip!

You might think it's getting cold, but hey it's Scotland, and winter is actually the best season for rafting if you want to experience a bit of the real thing and not just some peaceful cruising along the river, but when it is still reasonably easy fo
r anyone who'd like a first taster of rafting.

After a major success and a lot of wet fun in March last year, the ISC is having it's second rafting trip on the 16. October, for the bargain price of 43£! You won't find a cheaper chance to try some rafting. This price includes all transportation and equipment provided by Nae Limits, the rafting company we are using. The only thing you will have to bring yourself is a swim suit and a towel. (More details on the trip itself will be coming once you have your ticket.)

48 tickets will go on sale on Monday, 27.10.2010 at 6pm @ the ISC!
Remember, you can get strictly two tickets per person, and if you can't make it yourself to the ticket sale, send a friend.

IMPORTANT: we have not confirmed the exact time of departure yet. We will be noting down your contact details to keep you informed.


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