Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ticket Sale - Lindisfarne + Berwick upon Tweed - Monday 20th, 18:00

As the whiskey distillery we proposed to visit in Aberfeldy is in Silent Season (the whiskey making process hasn't begun yet), we are going instead to north England - to Lindisfarne also known as the Holy Island and Berwick upon Tweed - on the coming Saturday, the 25th (leaving approx @ 8:00, returning in the evening).

Lindisfarne is an island with only 160 inhabitants, known for its nature's beauty, peace and tranquility.
There are several sightseeing opportunities on the island including the Lindisfarne Castle, the priory and the harbour. Also important to note is that the island itself can only be accessed from the mainland when the tide is out.

On our way back from Lindisfarne, we will make a stop at Berwick upon Tweed, the northernmost town in England with a beautiful coastline. It is famous for the town walls which were built to keep the Scots out. Nowadays, the wall can be used to have an outstanding view of the town. The town itself has several tourist attractions including the three bridges, guildhall, Berwick barracks and parish church.

Tickets cost £8.00 each, including transport and free entry to the Lindisfarne Castle.
We will start selling @ 18:00 on Monday, 20th, at the ISC (22b Buccleuch Place, EH8 9LN) so if you want to join the trip, make sure you get there early!
We would also appreciate if you could bring exact change to buy your ticket(s).

For fairness, we only sell a maximum of two tickets per person and do not reserve tickets. We appreciate your understanding.

See you on Monday @ 18:00! xx

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