Saturday, 29 January 2011


Tickets will be on sale Mon Jan 31st at 6 pm at the ISC. The price is £8 per ticket.

Come and explore Dundee’s cultural, shopping and historical sights! A lovely city to merely wander around, it has something to offer to everyone.

If you’re interested in museums and cultural history come and check out these great places:
HMS Unicorn – an old war ship (10+ group discount)
HSS Discovery – a large war sailing ship, which you can climb aboard and explore (10+ group discount)
The McManus Art Gallery and Museum, which includes a large exhibition on Dundee itself, a large animal room and some lovely art galleries. (free)
Sensation Science Centre – a great place to explore the world of science in a child friendly zone

All the centres that have a 10+ group discount you can arrange to visit between yourselves. Form groups of ten upon arrival and plan to meet up and enter to receive the discount!

For those more outdoorsy types there’s Broughty Ferry where there is a free castle and park on the ocean. There are buses that go directly from the city centre all day. There is also Dundee Law, a 174 m hill that overlooks the city and provides a lovely viewpoint and walk.

Dundee is also blessed with at least two massive shopping centres, which boast many stores and tasty treats. Well worth a look around, even just for the warmth!

We will take coach buses up, which saves you having to pay the £15-£20 train fare and then have the day to walk around and enjoy lovely food, sights and shopping.

For a mere £8 you can’t go wrong!

Please also note that though you can buy up to two tickets per person, when we are handing out the "provisional" tickets, please make sure you ask for two provisional tickets as well, as otherwise we will only let you buy one when signing-up and paying for the real ticket.

Watch this space for details on departure times and such!

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