Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Hi everyone again,

I'm sorry this is a little bit short notice, but we just received some really good news from the bus company - we can have one more bus, so in total we can sell 115 more tickets! yes that's right, 115 more :)

so, if you are on the waiting list, make sure you come to the ISC at 7pm to collect your ticket, alternatively send a friend,
but this also means we have about 45 more unreserved tickets available now!

sorry to be spamming you about this, and thanks for your patience!

so, for a quick recap:
115 tickets will go on sale tonight for £8 at 7pm in the ISC lounge.
if you're on the waiting list, please bring some sort of ID (preferentially student ID) so we can double check it's actually you!

for any queries, please don't reply to this message but post on the wall of the event instead.

Thank you!

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