Tuesday, 24 January 2012

IMPORTANT! Getting involved in running the ISC - New House Manager, Constitution and Information Evening

Dear All

Yesterday our House Manager Zahid decided to step down from his position. This sadly leaves the ISC with an empty spot in our Committee, but it also allows us to inform you about something that we've been working on in the background this year.

When a member of the Committee leaves a new member must be found, but how?
The ISC is, despite what many believe, not a society and as thus does not have any formal method for electing new members of the Committee. The old Committee simply elected the new Committee, end of story. Given the increasing focus on transparency in the organisation of the University this is of course not a good thing. Therefore the current Committee has forged out what will hopefully be the foundation of a more open and honest ISC - namely a Constitution.

While the constitution is not officially in effect we figured that we should follow the ideals of our own brainchild and follow the constitution in the selection of our new House Manager. Therefore we call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the ISC two weeks from now, on February 7th at 6pm - that is right after Coffee Evening in two weeks.

What does that mean?
It basically means that on that date we will have a vote to elect the new House Manager - everyone is welcome to come and have your say.
Also if you are interested in becoming the ISC's new House Manager you must declare you interest through a statement of intent sent to iscedi@gmail.com at the latest on January 31st or in writing delivered at the ISC office (22b Buccleuch Place).

Who can stand?
Matriculated students of the University of Edinburgh who will be here for the duration of the post - that is until approximately the end of the semester when a whole new committee will be elected.

What must the statement of intent contain?
At the very minimum your name, matriculation number and contact details. Preferably also why you wish to become House Manager and what you intend to do if you get the position.

What is the job of our House Manager?
First and foremost to keep the ISC stocked. That is bulk buy coffee and tea, buy stuff for coffee evenings, ensure we never run out of filters, milk etc. But also acquire various office supplies such as printing paper, batteries, pens and other things that we might need.
The House Manager is also be part of the ISC Committee and must participate in the meetings and activities of the Committee and will be expected to help out where needed.
Candidates will be organised and reliable, be able to keep an overview of current stock and ensure supplies do not run out (and perhaps a drive to get recycling working).

What is the benefit?
Feel-good factor, a say in how the ISC is run and you will be, almost, the sole decision maker as to which coffee/tea we drink and which biscuits/cheeses we eat at coffee evenings.

What's the deal with this constitution?
As part of the evening we will also encourage people who are interested in the organisation of the ISC to come along and ask any and all questions regarding running the ISC but also about the new constitution and provide us with comments and feedback about its form - so if you want a say in how the ISC is run in the future; have a look at the constitution: Here.

We hope a lot of you will turn up and show an interest. If you have any questions or queries regarding this - please send them to iscedi@gmail.com and we will get in touch asap.

Kind Regards

Rasmus Dall
- President

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