Saturday, 7 January 2012

Online Ticketing Scheme

To get a ticket for an ISC trip or event we will release a URL for each ticket sale. This URL links you to a registration page where, at the specified time on the Monday before a trip or event, we will open the ticketing to the public.

This registration for a ticket online does not guarantee you a ticket. It merely reserves you one until you come, on the assigned date, to pay for and collect your official ISC ticket. If you do not come to pay for and collect your ticket from the ISC you forfeit your right to a ticket.

We may release more reservation tickets than there are actual tickets (we will notify if that is the case). This is in response to our experience that people register but never buy their ticket - an inconvenience for people who did want a ticket on the day and a further inconvenience for us as we will lose money (remember the ISC does not make money of our trips and events we subsidise them) if we do not sell enough tickets.

After all tickets have been reserved a waiting list will come into affect through eventbrite. Tickets that have not been collected on the set payment date will then be released, in order of registration, to those registered on the waiting list.

Only matriculated students can purchase tickets, each student can only register for one ticket. One student can pay for as many registered tickets as they would like to, given they have either the matriculation card of the other students or proof of their registration online.

Hope you enjoy our trips!


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