Saturday, 7 January 2012

ISC Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the ISC

The Golden Rule:
The ISC is run entirely by student volunteers, from lounge volunteer to President – nobody is paid. Furthermore the ISC subsidise everything we do – we do not make money of you. This means our volunteers primary concern is getting a good degree! While our commitment to doing our best is in no way diminished we simply cannot offer a service at a commercial standard – that is not the goal anyway – so please:
We will make mistakes - bear with us.
The ISC café is open to matriculated students of the University of Edinburgh, only.
Trips and events organised by the ISC are for matriculated students of the University of Edinburgh students, only. Exceptions will be made for spouses and dependants of matriculated students of the University of Edinburgh.
There will be no refunds issued for tickets to events or trips run by the ISC. Students are welcome to re-sell their ticket to another student at their own discretion.
The ISC cannot be held responsible if participants miss the bus or any other inconveniences that could have been avoided by reading the information provided by the ISC.
If students do not respect the times set out for departure and return during trips, the ISC reserves the right to leave without them.
Buses for trips will depart at the time stated on the ticket and are not required to wait.
Each student can by a maximum of 1 ticket per event or trip. However, an additional 1 ticket can be purchased for a spouse or dependent.
The ISC is not liable for any damage, loss of property or injury during its events or trips.
Ticket pre-registration will be held online prior to ticket collection. Students may register for a single ticket and must collect this ticket at the specified date, or forfeit the right to this ticket.
Another student may collect a ticket for any other pre-registered student.
Students who behave inappropriately will not be permitted to attend further trips or events with the ISC.
All students are expected to respect the volunteers of the ISC and the time they spend making these trips and events possible. Those who are disrespectful will not be permitted to attend further trips or events with the ISC.
Students are expected to follow the requests and rules set out by the ISC and its volunteers during all events and trips. If students do not, the ISC reserves the right to ask students to leave events and trips, and ban them from further events and trips.

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