Sunday, 10 January 2010

Welcome back

Happy 4th

Hello dear fellow students!!

First of all: happy new year and welcome back!! I hope everyone had a great winter break and got their batteries recharged for yet another exciting semester. The ISC will open again Monday at 12.00 as usual. This semester we have changed our ticket selling times to 5-7pm on Mondays. Hopefully this will mean no one will find themselves unable to get tickets because they have to attend lectures at the ticket selling times.

The scheduled trips can be found on this very blog - just have a look further down!

International pub night at Bannermans is on again as well, I hope to see a lot of you there on Tuesday (9 pm and onwards) for a great reunion night!

Due to a fair amount of people leaving or deciding not to continue, we are short of volunteers. Thus we will be having a new volunteers session on Thursday after the usual coffee evening. So if you would like to volunteer or know anyone else who would, please come along to the ISC lounge on Thursday at 6 pm (or before)

Last years end-of-term volunteer party!!

I hope everyone has a great semester and look forward to seeing you around the lounge!


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