Sunday, 31 January 2010


This Monday (1st of Feb) at 7.30pm at the ISC, there is a fabulous chance to share some dishes prepared by you and your friends!

This event is FREE, you don't need ticket for it !

The rules are very simple:

1. Bring a dish!
You can bring whatever you want: something traditional from your country, sweet or salty, something typical, something easy - the only condition is: eatable ;-)

2. Bring the recipe of the dishe ! (even if it is a secret family recipe!)

3. Bring your friends with you [make sure that they bring some food too]!

4. Share it with other people!

5. Socialize!

It's gonna be fun:)
There will be prizes for the best dishes!

(* - A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food to be shared among the group)

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