Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Whisky Distillery Trip [30/01]

"Freedom and Whisky gang thegither!"
[Robert Burns in 'The Author's Earnest Cry and Prayer' (1786)]

Can you possibly claim to have spent some time in Scotland without discovering the true secret behind its most famous export? The answer could not be any clearer and we have no intention of hanging you out to dry. Joining us at our trip to "Dewar's World" is a must...

The trip is taking place [as per usual] on Saturday [30/01/2010] and costs £12 per person - tickets go on sale on Monday [25/01] @ 5-7pm - please make it to our Lounge early in order to avoid disappointment - university security thought that two days ago we were staging some sort of silent protest on Buccleuch Place [little did they know about our ticket sales]. Please bear in mind that our trips are for matriculated UoE students only [we might ask for your student ID, so please have it on you] and tickets cannot be under any circumstances pre-booked - if you cannot make it, try to send a friend along, but bear in mind that each person can buy just 2 tickets [we hope you understand].

You might ask whether you get any value for your £12 - we provide you with transport all the way to Aberfeldy, where Dewar's Distillery is located [pictured above], a guided visit that also includes playing with all the toys at the distillery's interactive museum and, most importantly, some whisky sampling.

If you are lucky enough to get a ticket, dedicate a few minutes of your time to some solid preparation - the video above is the ultimate "how to drink whisky" manual and features a real [Whisky] Master Blender - avoid looking like a complete amateur and get ready to impress!

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