Friday, 22 January 2010


The ISC Library Opens!

Come trade your old books, novels and textbooks, for new exciting reading. Or, if you feel generous, donate your old books for the benefit of others.

The ISC Library will be open from 12-2pm every Monday and Thursday.

It has a good selection of much British literature (Shakespeare, Ian Rankin, etc.) and many other goodies (Harry Potter), we even have a few DVD's! It is entirely based upon your contributions and it is a good way to get rid of your old books in favour of more interesting reading.

"This sounds amazing! how does it work?"

Well, any book may be lent for a deposit of £5 (which you will get back upon returning the book) or any DVD for £10. Or you may trade yourself to the book. Every book is colour coded into three different categories: Red, Yellow and Blue, and each category has different trading conditions.

Red Books are the ones considered "the most valuable". This is a decision made by our 'Librarians', in this category you are likely to find Shakespeare, Dictionaries and Guides of Scotland. These books may generally not be traded as their are of general help to any International Student or forms part of the literary classics of Britain. However if you have any book that would fit this category, you may just be lucky enough to trade yourself to one of these. Or you could read it at the ISC!

Yellow Books are the "standard trading" books. Here you will find anything from Terry Pratchet, Plato to Dan Brown. These books may in general be traded for any book 1 to 1. Only exception is books in very bad condition or books written in another language than English.

Blue Books are the "if you want it - have it" category. Here you may find books in a very bad condition, obscure or we might have multiple copies. Books in other languages are also found here. These books you may take without trading, they are yours.

So come along and get yourself some good reading!

If you are unable to be at the opening times (Mon & Thurs 12-2pm) please send a mail to or drop by at the ISC, maybe I or another Committee member will be there to help you.

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