Sunday, 13 February 2011


Edinburgh Castle, the symbol of the city, looms over the Old Town, casting long shadows. Built on igneous rock, its thick stone walls carry secrets from Edinburgh's dark and fascinating past.

A national symbol, the Castle is perched in between the Old Town and the New Town, and is definitely worth a visit. Even if you have already visited it, why not go again with the ISC?

We offer the visit for the BEST deal - £2.00!
Independent of the ISC, entrance to the Castle would cost £13.00 so you're saving £11.00 if you go with us and what more, you get lovely company!

After hearing requests of holding the castle trip on a more convenient time rather than Wednesday, this time we have one trip on a Sunday for those of you who are busy on Wednesday!

We have two visits on two days. On Wednesday, 23rd February (time slots 1400 and 1430) and Sunday, 27th of February (time slots 1200 and 1230 )and are taking 50 people per time slot, so there are only a grand total of 200 tickets!

The tickets for these visits to the Castle will be sold on Wednesday 16th February, starting 18.00 at the ISC (22b Buccleuch street). There will be two stalls for each of the two days (23rd February and 27th February). NO SEPARATE TICKET SALES. ONLY ONE DAY.

We have a total of 200 tickets for sale: 100 for each day, which is 50 for each time slot! Each ticket is ONLY £2.00, so get yours fast as they are guaranteed to run out!

Hope to see you at the ticket sales!
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