Saturday, 26 February 2011


Join the ISC on Saturday, March 5 and come to Loch Leven! Loch Leven is one of the largest lowland lochs in Scotland, and this trip will give you the chance to see this beautiful natural area! A trail around the north shore of the loch will give you the ability to explore Loch Leven on foot. Loch Leven is a National Nature Reserve, a Site of Specific Interest, and a Special Protection Area within Scotland.

Loch Leven contains several islands, one of which has Loch Leven Castle, which dates back to roughly 1300. The castle is most famous for once having been the prison of Mary, Queen of Scots. Come see this piece of history!

The small, tranquil town of Kinross, situated on the west short of Loch Leven, will give you a place to eat lunch and explore a bit. Kinross also offers a variety of coffee shops and souvenir shops so you can commemorate your trip!

All in all, the trip to Lech Leven should offer you a chance to get away from Uni stress for a day and relax in Scotland's natural beauty!

A map of Kinross and Loch Leven will be given to you on the trip.


*TICKETS will cost 8 pounds and will go on sale on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28 at 6 PM in the ISC lounge.*

**Please also note that though you can buy up to two tickets per person, when we are handing out the "provisional" tickets, please make sure you ask for two provisional tickets as well, as otherwise we will only let you buy one when signing-up and paying for the real ticket.**

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