Saturday, 19 February 2011


Come along with the ISC on Saturday, February 26th to visit the city of Newcastle in northeastern England! Newcastle is situated on the north bank of the river Tyne, an area of settlement dating back to 2nd century AD, when it was a Roman fort. This bustling city of 275,000 people historically functioned as an important coal shipping port, but has recently shaken off its industrial past to become a hip, modern, and cosmopolitan cultural destination!

Attractions include:

- The Gateshead Millennium Bridge: A remarkable feat of engineering, this is the world's first and only tilting bridge and one of the region's most important landmarks.

- The University of Newcastle is one of England's most prestigious research-intensive universities, situated on a beautiful campus just northwest of the city centre

- The Castle Keep of Newcastle upon Tyne, built by Henry II between 1168-1178 and one of the finest surviving examples of a Norman Keep in the country.

- Grainger Market: Once the largest covered market in Europe in the 1830s, it's now a Grade I listed building that offers a unique shopping experience!

- A variety of famous art galleries are scattered around the city centre, including the Baltic and the Biscuit Factory

A map of the city centre will be given to you on the trip.


*TICKETS will cost 10 pounds and will go on sale on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21 at 6 PM in the ISC lounge. There will be a total of 220 tickets available.*

**Please also note that though you can buy up to two tickets per person, when we are handing out the "provisional" tickets, please make sure you ask for two provisional tickets as well, as otherwise we will only let you buy one when signing-up and paying for the real ticket.**

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