Thursday, 3 February 2011


Join us for a day at two of the nicest places in the whole of Scotland:

Bamburgh Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the country, lies high above the county of Northumberland on a rocky plateau, overlooking the coastline. Between when it was home to “Aethelfrith the Ravening wolf” in 607 until the discovery of the Bamburgh Sword, the only one of its kind, in 1960, it has seen many tragedies and great stories, waiting to be discovered by you.

And Melrose Abbey, located in the Borders region and as therefore a historically immensely important place. Robert the Bruce’s heart was buried here after he died in the Middle East, and many kings and queens were crowned here. More than that however, it is known for its sheer beauty, inspiring famous poets such as Walter Scott to write about it.

You shouldn’t leave Scotland without having seen these famous landmarks, so join us on Saturday, 12th Feb at 9am in front of the ISC.

Tickets will be £15 and will be sold on Monday, 7th Feb at 6pm in the ISC. We will be handing out provisional tickets again, so please make sure that if you want to buy two tickets, also ask for two provisional tickets, otherwise we will only let you buy one.

Please also note that even though there are opportunities to buy food both in Melrose and at Bamburgh Castle, it might be difficult to sustain yourself at a student budget price, so we would advise you to bring packed lunch to the trip.

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