Sunday, 24 October 2010

EVENTS - Semester I Schedule

It's already the middle of the semester and we apologise for the delay, but here are the events we have organised so far and are in the process of organising until exam revision strikes us all. :)
Don't forget to write these down on your calendar!

2010-11 Semester I Events Schedule

Sept 20 (Mon): Poker Night
Sept 27 (Mon): Japanese Night
Oct 4 (Mon): Swedish Night
Oct 11 (Mon): North American Night
Oct 18 (Mon): Film Night

coming up...

Oct 25 (Mon): French Night
Nov 1 (Mon): International Games Night
Nov 5 (Fri): Guy Fawkes Night
Nov 8 (Mon): Dutch Night
Nov 15 (Mon): International Desserts Night
Nov 22 (Mon): Indian Night
Nov 29 (Mon): Scottish Night
Dec 6 (Mon): Games Night

See you at (at least) one of these events!!

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