Saturday, 9 October 2010

ISC Dunkeld Hiking Trip - 16/10/10

Have you dreamt of exploring the breathtaking Scottish Highlands? Here’s your chance! ISC’s Dunkeld Hiking Trip will not only take you to the praised Highlands, but also, give you the time to admire and explore its sights and sounds!
We’ll be taking two different trails – The Atholl Woods and the Larch Walk.

The Atholl Woods has received applauses from leisure hikers, and its not surprising why. Atholl Woods stretches over many acres of hill country to the north of Dunkeld offering delightful walks and open views around the vast conifer plantations. The walk through Atholl Woods passes along the banks of two small but attractive lochs. Mill Dam always has large numbers of wildfowl, including widgeon, mallard and tufted ducks. Polney Loch, also known as the Goat's Pool, lies beneath the imposing cliffs of Craig a' Barns and has a distinctly Swiss atmosphere created by its situation and scenery.

The Larch Walk is equally stunning. This walk offers in miniature many of the sights to be enjoyed on a larger scale elsewhere in the area. . The Dunkeld Larches can also be seen near the river and include the remaining `Parent Larch`, which stands 100 feet high near the west end of the cathedral. This tree is the last survivor from a group of five planted by the 2nd Duke of Atholl in 1738. Also, hikers will get the chance to visit the Dunkeld Cathedral. The Dunkeld Cathedral is part ruin, part parish church.

So, what are you waiting for? This is YOUR CHANCE to explore the beautiful Highlands on foot, at your own pace instead of just passing by when you’re on a tour bus! We leave at 10.30 a.m. and return at 7.00p.m. on Saturday 16th October.

Tickets will be sold on Monday 11th October at 6.00p.m., in the ISC lounge at £6.00 each.

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