Sunday, 10 October 2010

ISC This Week (10-17 Oct)

Hey all! Hope everyone's doing alright with coursework and other commitments - it's starting to get busy, but don't miss out on the ISC events! :D

Our Lounge is open every weekday during the semester - come over anytime for free coffee, tea and some sweet company!
The LOUNGE (ISC, 22b Buccleuch Place) open times are:
Monday-Wednesday 12:00-16:00
Thursday 12:00-18:00
Friday 12:00-15:00

And now, the plan of the week:

Monday, 11th

18:00- @ the ISC
Our first nature-related trip of the year! Do you want to take a peek at the Highlands that will be so nearby? Come join us on this trip and decide from the two trails which you would like to join. 34 tickets will be on sale on Monday from 18:00, each costing £6.00 for you to be encompassed by the beauty up there - please bring cash ONLY and remember that we can only sell a maximum of 2 tickets per person. Details can be found at:

NORTH AMETICAN NIGHT 20:00-23:30 @ the ISC
Who would say no to pancakes? Especially when there's also the 'Bone Game' and a film afterwards?? Come over and join us for an evening packed with fun and sugar. Please note that, due to the capacity of our lounge, only those who have bought the tickets last week can join us.
You can check the details by the following link:

**Please note that there will be no ticket sales for Events this week, as the coming up event for next week (Monday, 18th) is for free! We will be screening Talentine from 19:30 @ the ISC - more info will be coming up soon!

Thursday, 14th

COFFEE EVENING 16:00-18:00 @ the ISC
Pop in for a chat, we will have free coffee/tea along with biscuits and cheese ready for you. A great time and place to just mingle and relax from the workload!

PUB NIGHT 21:00- @ the Greenmantle (44 Westcrosscauseway)
Gather around at the Greenmantle, just 5 min walk away from the ISC. They have some special deals with us including £1.75 for vodka mix, bottled beer, small wine as well as 30 % discounts for any food (served till midnight)! When you are ordering your drinks for these deals, make sure you mention that you are with the "ISC / society" otherwise you won't be benefiting from the deals.

Saturday, 16th

This weekend is packed with activities - be it on water or on land!
Please gather at the ISC @10:30 on the 16th - we will hop on the coach and head towards the Highlands then! We also recommend that you bring some packed lunch along with you, as we will be reaching our destination after noon. If you wish, bring something to eat after rafting as well, as you will most likely be starving! However, we will be making a brief stop on our way back at Dunkeld, where you could buy something to eat on the coach - it's up to you =)
And for those of you who might want to plan their lovely Saturday evenings, we will be arriving back in Edinburgh around 19:00. (hiking)

Have a great Week 4 & hope to see you around the ISC!xx

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