Monday, 4 October 2010


As October slips into its second week, we remain in the Northern hemisphere, moving away from Sweden across the Atlantic to North America. Join us on the 11th October at the ISC for a night packed with food and fun! Come prepared for a round of the 'Bone Game', as well as plenty of pancakes with sinfully delicious maple syrup from our own International House (well...Centre) of Pancakes. If you feel lucky, why don't you try a Jeopardy-style North-American slang quiz? Possible prizes include maple candies, while on a more serious note, a discussion of US culture vs Canadian culture will ensue, set relative to the perspective of the UK.
Finally our sweet-toothed night of revelry will be wrapped up with a film screening, during which you hopefully won't fall asleep, after having eaten all that sugar.

Tickets will be sold on Wednesday 6th October from 6 -7 pm in the International Student Centre lounge. Make sure you get yours before they run out!

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