Monday, 28 September 2009

All Semester 1 Trips - now on Goooogle Map too!

Rosslyn Chapel [10/10]

The Green Man of Rosslyn

As made famous by "The Da Vinci Code". Stunning architecture, beautiful details and many secrets...

Whisky Trip [17/10]

Whisky distillery

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do" - watch this space for more details!

Loch Katrine [24/10]

 Cruinn Bheinn on the northern shore of Loch Katrine.

There are more lochs in Scotland than Loch Ness! And this is one of them...

Lindisfarne/Holy Island [31/10]

Lindisfarne Castle

A tidal island with its own castle and monastery off the north-east coast of England (also known as Holy Island) connected to the mainland by a causeway (flooded twice a day by tides). Sir Walter Scott says:
For with the flow and ebb, its style
Varies from continent to isle;
Dry shood o'er sands, twice every day,
The pilgrims to the shrine find way;
Twice every day the waves efface
Of staves and sandelled feet the trac.
Weekend Trip [07/11-08/11]
More details coming out soon - so wait for it!

Newcastle Upon Tyne [14/11]

Tyne Bridge

Explore the Geordie capital with its long history and great diversity.

North Berwick [21/11]

A picturesque seaside town...

Glasgow [28/11]

Glasgow mosaic

Christmas shopping, museums, galleries, Celtic & Rangers rivalry, pubs and great night life - something for everyone!

Ticket prices TBC [to be confirmed]!

See our GoogleMap here!

Photos from Wikimedia Commons; North Berwick by JR.

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