Thursday, 24 September 2009

Events at the ISC

Hi all

The French Night on Monday has been sold out!

But if you did not get a ticket, do not despair. I can happily announce that at the ISC we are now starting a cavalcade of nationality themed nights!

French night is just the first in a series of five nights in Semester 1 where you will have the opportunity to be introduced to different countries, their food and their culture. All done by natives to ensure that you get the 'true' story.

Here are the dates and nations:

28th of September: French Night - Sold Out!
5th of October: Danish Night
12th of October: Irish Night
19th of October: Chinese Night
26th of October: Scottish Night

The tickets for the nights will go on sale a week before the event and will generally be priced at around 2£. So come down on Monday the 28th and buy tickets for the Danish Night!

Do you feel your country has been left out, and would you like to rectify that error? In semester 2 we will run another series of Nationality themed nights - please mail: if you wish to present your country.

What other events will come to the ISC in the course of semester 1?

Well, I cannot disclose to much, but things which are brewing is the amazing opportunity to go watch the Rugby match Scotland vs. Australia on Murrayfield stadium on the 21st of November, watch this space for more events!

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