Wednesday, 16 September 2009

St. Andrews Trip [19/09]

For those of you fortunate enough to have secured tickets to our upcoming trip to St. Andrews - here is a short guide. For the rest of you - we are really sorry to say this but all the tickets have already been sold! Our next trip will take us to Stirling - tickets go on sale on Monday [21/09] @ 12 o'clock [noon] at the ISC Lounge [22b Buccleuch Place] - be there if you want to go all the way to Stirling!

St. Andrews is a picturesque seaside town located in the Kingdom of Fife. It boasts one of the oldest universities in the world (and a royal alumni ever since Prince William graduated from there a few years ago) and is also known as the Home of Golf.

We will visit the ruins of the St. Andrews Castle that is perched on a cliff-top and partly worn away by the sea. The Castle has served as a palace, prison and fortress in the past and is now a visitor centre attracting hoards of tourists every year.
We will also take a stroll around the beautiful Cathedral grounds. The Cathedral itself was once Scotland’s largest building but now lies in ruins after being allowed to decay as a result of an attack by the Reformation in 1559. St.Rule’s Tower (also located in the Cathedral grounds) offers beautiful vistas of the town and the sea and the surrounding countryside.
If the sometimes notorious Scottish weather will treat us nicely St. Andrews has beautiful sandy beaches perfect for a picnic if that catches your fancy. Everything in this small town is within a walking distance so feel free to wander off on your own to check out the museums (St.Andrews Museum, Museum of Golf) and the Old Course (for the golf fans,obviously..) if you so wish but please do try to remember to be back on the buses on time!

Please check the back of your ticket to find out which group you are in- when in doubt ask the volunteers!
  • buses depart from the ISC Lounge
  • be on time as we leave at 9.00 sharp!
  • arriving in St.Andrews (we are getting dropped off on Market Street)
  • GROUP 1 visits the Castle
  • GROUPS 2 and 3 visit the Cathedral 
  • GROUP 1 visits the Cathedral
  • GROUP 2 visits the Castle [make sure you are on time!]
  • GROUP 3 free time
  • GROUPS 1 and 2 free time 
  • GROUP 3 visits the Castle             

  • leaving @ 5pm sharp
  • Market Street again - be there on time or we will leave without you!
  • buses arrive back to the ISC
In case of an emergency (if you happen to get lost) get in touch with the volunteers:


For more info on St. Andrews click here!

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