Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The ISC. And its blog. Us <=> YOU

Who are we?
The International Student Centre is a student-run arm of the International Office of the University of Edinburgh. Our main purpose it to ensure that domestic as well as international students make the most out of their university experience - inside as much as outside the class room.

We therefore strive to enhance one's horizons by organizing events, trips and running our Lounge. The purpose is clear - to introduce Scotland's rich cultural and historic heritage to international students and introduce a broad range of equally rich cultures from abroad to Scotland

The ISC consists of a large number of highly committed volunteers and neither charges any membership fees, nor does it generate any profit.

Why this blog?
The Internet offers seemingly never-ending opportunities - and the potential to act as a bridge between the ISC, its friends and the wider world. Most students enjoy their time at the University of Edinburgh immensely and are not only keen to share their personal experiences, such as reflections on their time in Edinburgh and photos from trips or events, but also to introduce their home university, town, city, country and even continent, eager on providing fellow students with some real insider tips. We would like to answer these calls - and have therefore created this blog to offer YOU a real platform for communicating with fellow students. Feel free to use this creative space to its maximum!

So what?
To put it very simply - WE need YOU! Your ideas, your articles, your input. If you feel like reflecting on your time in Edinburgh/Scotland/Europe, introducing your home town, submitting some travel tips or a piece of creative writing - the stage is yours! 

Please send your articles to:


We have also created the ISC Picasa account and are in the process of finalizing some very last technicalities - very soon you will be able to share your photos from our Lounge, trips and events - or simply your time in Edinburgh. More details will be released very soon indeed!

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