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Culzean Castle Information

The trip next Saturday [03/10] will be to Culzean Castle and Country Park!
A bit of history:

The first written reference to a Tower House at Culzean dates to the 1400's, although it is possible there was a building here even earlier. Then, it was known as 'Coif Castle', or the 'House of Cove', taking it's name from the caves below. This name was altered to 'Cullean Castle' in the 1600's and the present spelling adopted sometime in the 18th century. As times became settled, Culzean became more of a family home.

By the 17th century terraces and pleasure gardens had been constructed. Since even then Culzean was rarely lived in all year round, improvements to the house were haphazard. In the 18th century a chain of events occurred that transformed Culzean Castle from a relatively modest tower house into a neoclassical mansion.

It was not so much a sudden influx of real wealth or power that brought about this transformation but, rather, the desire to create a trophy house, a building that said, even shouted, that the Kennedy family had arrived. What you see at Culzean Castle today is a result of many years of careful restoration by the National Trust for Scotland, that has united the different stages of Culzean's aesthetic history. It reflects the different stages of Culzean's past, from Robert Adam's additions to the medieval tower house, to its heyday as one of the grandest houses in Scotland.

Country Park

Culzean was Scotland's first Country Park, created in 1969 and consisting of 563 acres. There is a wealth of interest from shoreline through the Deer Park, Gas Court, Fountain Court and Swan Pond with exhibitions, to mature parklands and gardens. The Ruined Arch, Viaduct, Ice House, beautiful Camellia House and unique Pagoda have all been restored.

Where is it?

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