Friday, 11 September 2009

Freshers Week with ISC!

We all know that feeling - some of us were freshers a while ago, some more recently. Yet hardly anyone forgets his or hers first days and weeks in Edinburgh - butterflies in the stomach before landing, meeting flatmates and housemates upon arrival, exploring the city, the country and even the continent during the day 'n' night. Making friends from all over the world, living life to its fullest, learning inside university lecture halls, tutorial rooms and libraries just as much as outside these. Realizing that university studies are not only a means to an end, but quite possibly one of the greatest moments in your life. Leaving the University of Edinburgh a semester, a year or four years later, looking back and thinking "this was one hell of a ride".
Our aim is to make sure that your ride is truly an enjoyable one and therefore we organize weekly pub nights, events, trips all over Scotland and run Lounge, which is located just off George Square.
We are kicking this year off with our Freshers Week events - please fasten you seat belts, we are taking off!

International Day [Sunday 13/09]

"It all starts on Sunday..."

Come to Bristo Square and find us in the oldest student union building in the world - Teviot. Come for a chat, see what, when and where we do - hear about our exciting events, magnificent trips and comfy lounge. We are looking forward to meeting you on Sunday in the Commitee Room in Teviot, 11AM-4PM!

Guided Tour of the university [George Sq.]

[Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th]

"If it snows, know where to run for cover"

Meet in front of William Robertson Building [40 George Square] on:
  • Monday @ 11AM, 2PM or 4PM
  • Tuesday @ 11AM or 4PM
Learn to navigate your way across the George Square ocean and its surrounding seas!

Pub night @ Bannermans

[Tuesday 15th]

"Slaandjivaa means cheers in Scots Gaelic"

Meet @ 9PM outside the ISC Lounge [22b Buccleuch Place] or directly in B'mans [212 Cowgate, near Robertsons Close].

Our inaugural pub night with 3-4-2 on all drinks -  a must-attend...

Historical Tour of Edinburgh

[Wednesday 16th & Friday 18th]

"Athens of the North"

Meet in front of William Robertson Building [40 George Square] on:
  • Wednesday @ 2PM
  • Friday @ 1PM or 4PM
Come and see why is Edinburgh rightfully included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. We will guide you through its streets and closes, telling you a bit about its history and history of Scotland as such.

Don't forget your cameras!

Arthur's Seat
[Thursday 17th]

"How many European cities have its very own vulcano?"

Meet in front of William Robertson Building [40 George Square] @ 2PM.

Walk up Arthur's Seat [251 m], Edinburgh's very own extinct volcano, for some stunning views of the city and its surroundings and go to the
ISC's Coffee Evening afterwards. Be sure to wear shoes with good traction!

Volunteers meeting
[Thursday 17th]

"WE need YOU!"

Meet at the ISC Lounge at 6PM.

We are looking for three kinds of volunteers:

- trips [if you know how to manage crowds & get things done]

- events [if you are creative, fun-loving & know how to get things done]

- lounge [if you are friendly & easy-going]

Please join us and you will get a reward that no money can ever buy you - working experience & many transferable skills [whether you are a CV hunter or not], we can guarantee that you will meet legions of amazing people from Iceland all the way down to New Zealand and most importantly, get that warm feeling right next to your heart, knowing that you dedicated your time to something meaningful!

St. Andrews Trip
[Saturday 19th]

"Also known as Cill Rìmhinn"

Home of golf, medieval cathedral, castle, Scotland's oldest university (Prince William studied there!), nice beaches - it has it all
- bite-sized too!

Tickets (£8) can be purchased at the ISC
Lounge! Get yours soon as they always sold out very quickly indeed - and we cannot take all of you with us!

Our GoogleMap - with all those important locations...

View International Student Centre Edinburgh 2009/10 in a larger map


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